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Your exam timetable


Timetable release

Your personal exam timetable is available in the Web Enrolment System (WES) six weeks before the start of the exam period. For all exam timetable release dates, see exam dates.

If you have registered with Disability Services and have requested alternative assessment arrangements, this will not appear in your timetable in WES. You will be notified by email one to two weeks before the exam period.

Review your exam timetable

When reviewing your exam timetable:

  • ensure that all your units are listed
  • check the exam format
  • wait for advice on clashes.

Misreading your exam timetable is not grounds to apply for special consideration.

What to check Help with this step
Login to WES Use your Monash account username and password

For password or logging in problems, contact the service desk
In the Course Progression section (bottom right), click Exam timetable This will display your personal exam timetable
Check all your exams are listed for each unit If any exam is missing from your personal timetable, contact your faculty office to confirm your enrolment details
Wait for written advice if you have an exam clash A clash is when two or three exams are scheduled at the same time

If you have an exam clash, we'll email you two weeks before the exams to explain the arrangements for you
Find out about the exam format (written, oral or practical) and what you can bring. It's your responsibility to check with the teaching department if an exam is closed or open book, or about what you bring into the exam room. For more on this, see exam rules

If you've got any questions, ask your teaching department or lecturer
Check the location of each exam This will display the exam venue address and other details. See also venues, seating and starting times
Print your personal exam timetable This has the venue location and seat number for each exam.

Seat numbering doesn't apply to off-campus or Open Universities Australia exams unless held at the Caulfield Racecourse venue
Check again closer to exam time Check your exam timetable again before the start of the exam period as details may change without warning

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