On-campus students sitting exams overseas



If you're returning home overseas during the deferred and supplementary exam period (January or August), you may be eligible to sit your exam at an approved overseas venue.


To be eligible to sit your exam overseas, you must:

  • have a grade of DEF or NS (any other grade will mean your application will not be processed)
  • be in your final semester to sit exams held during the August exam period.

Exams you can't sit overseas

You cannot sit exams overseas for:

  • standard semester-one or two exams
  • on-campus summer units.

How to apply

Application closing dates

Applications to sit a deferred or supplementary exam overseas close at 5pm on:

  • Friday 17 July: For semester one (and summer)
  • Monday 4 January: For semester two

Late applications will not be processed.

Application fee

Number of exams Cost in 2015
One $466
Two $932
Three or more $1398

Notification of outcome

After results have been released, you will receive an email to your student account, confirming that your application is being processed. If your unit grade isn’t DEF or NS, your application will be rejected. If you have any grade queries, contact your faculty.

Once the exam timetable has been published, check the Web Enrolment System (WES) for your exam details. There won’t be an allocated seat number as they aren’t used at overseas exam venues.

Confirming your attendance

One week before your first exam, contact the venue to confirm your attendance and venue details. Do not contact the venue if the venue description states ’do not phone‘.

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