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Refunds and reversal of loan debt (remission of debt)


In special circumstances, we may either:

  • refund fees paid upfront
  • notify the government to reverse a HELP loan debt.

If your fees are paid by a sponsor, we will notify and pay them the refund.

You can only apply if:

  • your circumstances changed after the census date
  • you were not able to discontinue your study prior to census date
  • you did not pass the unit.

Special circumstances

The special circumstances must:

  • make their full impact after the census date
  • be unusual, uncommon or abnormal
  • be beyond your control, and
  • make it impractical for you to pass the unit.


Special circumstances may include:

  • medical reasons (eg, illness occurring or worsening after the census date)
  • family reasons (eg, death, illness, an unexpected or severe change in financial situation)
  • employment-related reasons (eg, compulsory transfer or change of hours)
  • course-related reasons (eg, restructure of course).


Submit this to your faculty.


Lodge applications within 12 months of the unit discontinuation date.

If you failed the unit but did not formally discontinue, you must lodge your application within 12 months of the last day of that unit's semester.

Documentation required

You must attach supporting documentation (original or certified copy). This can be from a doctor, counsellor, employer, etc but not from your family or friends. Privacy laws prevent us from getting this information for you.

Supporting documentation should clearly explain:

  • the circumstances
  • when they occurred
  • why you were prevented from passing.


We will advise you in writing within 20 working days of receiving your application. Please supply your postal address if you are no longer a current student.

Academic grades

If approved, a refund/reversal does not change your grade for the unit (you may still have a withdrawn late, withdrawn fail or fail grade on your academic record).


If we do not approve your application, you can request a review. See grievance and review procedures