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About Gender Equity

About Gender Equity

  • Our Leadership Commitment

    " Celebrating a diverse and inclusive culture is at the heart of the Monash University vision. Achieving true gender equity is central to that endeavour. Only through the efforts of everyone in the Monash community can we become the truly excellent institution to which we aspire " - Professor Margaret Gardner AO, President and Vice-Chancellor of Monash University

    In the past two decades, Monash has taken a strong and constructive approach to gender equity. We have pioneered initiatives such as the Senior Women’s Shadowing Program Advancing Women Research Success Grants, entrenched the principle of “achievement relative to opportunity” into all of our decision making processes; supported academic women seeking promotion.

  • Why Gender Equity?

    At Monash, we believe to be truly excellent we must embed diversity into the fabric of who we are. A focus on gender equity and inclusivity has been fundamental to our organisational strategy for more than three decades. We believe equity makes us better as a University and stronger as a community. We strive to create an organisational culture that is inclusive and in which female staff participate equally at all levels in our pursuit of excellence.

  • Gender Equity Strategy

    The Vice-Chancellor reflects on our progress to achieving gender equality and on what needs to be done to achieve our ambitions, our goals, our vision. "There are many aspects of our strategy and we know there are many paths to be followed in order to achieve greater gender equality."

  • Marriage Equality

    Monash has joined over 690 organisations to show their support for marriage equality.  “Since it was founded, Monash has stood for the principles of fairness, tolerance and diversity. Support for marriage equality is consistent with these values and our commitment to championing those values,” Professor Margaret Gardner AO

  • Pay Equity

    Professor Margaret Gardner AO has become an ambassador of pay equity by joining WGEA’s national campaign “In your hands”. For more information about the campaign or a list of ambassadors, click here.