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Some of our brightest students sometimes need extra help with paying the rent or buying essential textbooks – small but vital issues that can keep them from study, and prevent them from becoming the best they can be.

Disadvantaged students rely on scholarships to ensure they have the financial means to study at university. With the help of our wonderful donors, more students in need are able to pursue their passions and study a faculty degree at Monash.

The Achieving Potential Scholarships ensure that academically bright students with disadvantaged backgrounds are provided with financial support to reach their full potential - students like Eshan.

“My motivation simply comes from the idea of ‘sharing’, sharing the knowledge to educate others. Having the scholarship means that I can work towards my goal and contribute positively to the community, university and overall economy.”

Your generosity will make a world of difference and help equip disadvantaged students to make the best contribution they possibly can.

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