Alumni outreach appeal

I received a call from Monash University, why?

Current students phone alumni to find out what you've been doing since graduating, and also to see if you would like to support fundraising projects. Last year we had over 5,000 donors supporting projects from scholarships, research and emergency student grants. Donations support individuals who need it most, please take a moment to hear their stories in their own words.

When do you phone alumni?

This year’s appeal will be running from March until August 2017. The team calls on weekday evenings and also at weekends.

Are the students who phone me paid?

Yes, student callers are paid a competitive hourly rate for their work.

What’s the number that you use to phone alumni?

The team of students calls from 03 9903 4940.

Can I donate now instead?

Yes of course, thank you! Just visit the donation page:

What if I don't want to be called?

Send an email to us at