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Thanks newsletter


Monash University - Thanks magazine 2016

Welcome to Thanks - Monash University's newsletter to recognise donors and volunteers. The newsletter is published once a year and distributed to more than 7000 people across the world.

Thanks magazine is our way of acknowledging the many individuals and organisations who have generously dedicated their time, skills and resources to support Monash University and our students. These contributions, financial or otherwise, are valued and appreciated.

The stories in this edition of Thanks represent the different ways your gifts to Monash have transformed the lives of our students, our communities and our environment. Many Monash alumni were saddened to learn of the passing of Kath Byer in 2010. As the publican of the Notting Hill Hotel for many decades, Kath was an institution for generations of Monash Clayton students. Readers of Thanks will therefore be pleased to learn that her memory lives on with the establishment of a Kath Byer Scholarship for Indigenous students.

Monash was established for the benefit of the community. In this edition of Thanks we announce details of a three year gift from the Pratt Foundation that will enable Monash law students to provide grassroots legal support for some of the most vulnerable people in society.

The Monash Sustainability Institute (MSI) has united experts across a wide domain of Monash programs and centres of excellence to envisage and help achieve global sustainability. We explain how a generous donation from the Harold Mitchell Foundation is helping the MSI contribute to the development of Australia’s response to the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals, which came into effect worldwide this year.