4.6 Writing-up away status

4.6 Writing-up away status

The thesis should normally be written and submitted for examination before the end date of enrolment. A student may, however, apply for 'writing-up away status' which allows a student to relocate overseas. Only local students can apply for 'writing-up away status' to relocate interstate near the end of enrolment. 'Writing-up away status' may be granted for an initial period of three months with a possible extension of up to three months. International students on an Australian student visa can only apply for 'writing-up away status' if they meet the requirements stated below, and also are relocating overseas.

Applications for 'writing-up away status' will only be considered after the requirements for all research coursework and training and the Pre-Submission Seminar / Final Review have been completed. For a request to be approved, the main supervisor and head of the academic unit must certify in writing that the student has completed these requirements and a satisfactory first draft of the thesis. Where relevant program requirements have  been completed but a complete first draft has not been submitted, an application for transfer to external enrolment may be more appropriate.

Students who have been granted 'writing-up away status' are required to maintain their enrolment at the University until the thesis is submitted. Students who have not submitted their thesis by the end of the writing up away period may have their enrolment discontinued as per Section 8 of the Graduate Research Progress Management Procedures.

Applications for 'writing-up away status', supported by the student's main supervisor and head of the academic unit or Graduate Research Coordinator, should be submitted on the Application for Changes to Enrolment/Scholarship form (Monash only) to Monash Graduate Education (formerly MIGR) for approval.


  • Monash Graduate Education will not approve backdated variation requests.

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