1.1 Overview

1.1 The Handbook for Doctoral Degrees
1.2 The degrees to which this handbook applies
1.3 Doctor of Philosophy
1.4 Doctor of Medicine (MD)
1.5 Professional doctorates
1.6 Higher doctorate
1.7 Administrative structures overseeing the doctoral programs

1.1 The Handbook for Doctoral Degrees

The Handbook for Doctoral Degrees is designed to assist students, supervisors and administrators with the regulations, procedures and protocols of doctoral programs at Monash University. This Handbook is organised as follows:

Chapter 1 provides a summary of the types of doctoral degrees available at Monash University and the structures governing the academic and administrative management of these degrees.
Chapter 2 details admission to doctoral candidature, including English language proficiency and transfer procedures.
Chapter 3 outlines conditions of candidature for the duration of research programs.
Chapter 4 identifies possible changes to candidature, including, for example, intermission, studying away, extension and withdrawal.
Chapter 5 lists supervision guidelines and a code of practice for supervision of doctoral and research master's students
Chapter 6 provides a guide for graduate research students and supervisors on intellectual property issues.
Chapter 7 explains thesis preparation and examination matters.
Chapter 8 outlines guidelines for grievance and appeal, discipline and termination procedures.
Chapter 9 contains information on fees, scholarships and grants.
Chapter 10 describes the facilities and services available to research students.
Chapter 11 lists useful contact details and links to relevant web addresses.
The appendices to the Handbook are:
A. Monash Univeristy Regulations
B. Summary regulation amendments by date
C. Guidelines for accreditation of centres for the purposes of enrolment of PhD students
D. Monash University (Vice-Chancellor) Regulations
E. Guidelines to apply when research undertaken in relation to employment overlaps with candidature
F. Cotutelle and joint award doctoral programs
G. Professional doctorate guidelines/minimum standards
H. Research scholarship conditions of award
I. Guidelines to apply on conflict of interest for examination of higher degree by research thesis 
J. Faculty-specific requirements for milestones
L. Higher Doctorate Degree


This Handbook provides an interpretation of, and guidelines for, the Monash University Regulations, as well as associated policies and procedures, and, as such, complements the regulations. Students and their supervisors are advised that changes to these regulations occur periodically and that both students and their supervisors are responsible for reviewing these changes as listed on the Monash Graduate Education website (see Chapter 11 for contact details).


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