7.9 Examiner's recommendations

7.9 Examiner's recommendations

There are five possible recommendations an examiner can make on a doctoral thesis, as framed on the examiner report form:


  1. Straight, the student be awarded the degree without further amendments or examination
  2. Minor amendments, the award of degree is subject to to insertion of minor amendments noted in the enclosed list of amendments to the satisfaction of Monash.(eg: typos, grammatical errors or referencing)
  3. Major revisions, the award of degree is subject to insertion of amendments noted in the enclosed list. The amendments should be certified by the examiner or Monash academic delegate.

Revise and

The student should not be awarded the degree but be permitted to re-submit the thesis in a revised form, for further examination


Fail, the student not be awarded the degree and not be permitted to resubmit for re-examination

Whether the examiner's recommendation is favourable or unfavourable, the examiner is expected to provide detailed comments on the strengths and/or weaknesses of the thesis.

7.9.1 Merit indicators for doctoral theses

In the addition to the examiners recommendation and report, examiners of doctoral theses are invited to provide an indication of the merit of particular elements of the doctoral work on a separate form. These merit indicators are supplementary to the examiner's formal assessment of the work for the award of degree and do not in any way contribute to the examination outcome.

Students will be provided with a copy of the merit indicators, where provided by the examiners, and can use these at their discretion. The Code of practice for the use of merit indicators arising from doctoral examinations outlines the purpose for collection of this information and its appropriate use within and by Monash University.

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