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Step 1: check your eligibilityBooks

Monash University offers a large range of research degrees. Once you know the degree you are interested in, check your eligibility for the course and a scholarship.

Our scholarship rounds are very competitive. Most scholarships require the equivalent of a first-class honours degree from Monash University,

You're assessed for all scholarships and grants for which you are eligible when you apply.

Step 2:  Obtain an invitation to apply

Research degree applications may only be submitted once you have obtained an invitation to apply from the Faculty that offers the degree in which you wish to enrol.

It may take you up to four weeks to obtain an invitation. You should initiate the process to obtain an invitation not less than four weeks prior to the date on which you expect to submit your application. 

Current Monash HDR students wanting to apply for a scholarship, should discuss their application with their supervisor and request and invitation before applying.

Different Faculties have different processes, so it is important that you read and follow the instructions that each Faculty provides.  

Step 3: apply for a course and scholarship

Once you have obtained your invitation to apply, you apply for our research degrees and scholarships online using the same application form.

You register first and can then apply in stages as you gather the information you need.
Your online application options are:

  • course and scholarship if you're eligible for both
  • course only if you're ineligible for a scholarship
  • scholarship only if you're already a Monash research student.

Don't forget to refer to our step-by-step guide if you need help.

Online application form

Step 4: accept your offer

Your offer is your ticket to join Monash University's vibrant research community. You need to read your offer letter and offer pack carefully to know how to accept your offer and enrol in your course. 

Accepting your candidature offer

Accepting your scholarship offer