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All you need to do to accept your offer is complete and submit the acceptance paperwork that accompanies it.

It is important that you take action on your offer as soon as possible. We expect that you will be enrolled by the commencement date on your offer letter.

If you are unable to commence your degree by the commencement date indicated on your offer letter, you need to request for a deferral prior to your proposed commencement date.

Please be sure to indicate the date on which you would like to commence your degree and explain your reason for deferring.

Requests to defer commencement are not automatically approved, and sometimes cannot be approved, especially if you have coursework to complete in the first semester of your enrolment.

If your deferral is approved, you will receive a new offer letter, indicating the new start date.

International candidates should read the detailed information on the ‘international student acceptance’ page to understand the importance of having Overseas Student Health Cover SHC and your electronic Conformation of Enrolment (eCOE) before applying for a student visa.