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As part of your application, you nominate your preferred supervisors and submit a research proposal that outlines what you intend to research during your degree.

Exploring the Monash University website will give you some idea of the breadth of research undertaken at the University.

More importantly, it will help you to understand where the research you would like to undertake fits into the bigger picture and perhaps also identify potential supervisors.

Discussing your research interests with potential supervisors may help you refine your research proposal or even highlight possible areas of research that may be available to you.

If you need assistance with contacting a potential supervisor, submit an online enquiry to our Research Degrees Admissions Unit.

If you are unable to make contact with or identify a potential supervisor, you should submit a detailed research proposal with your application.

Include such information as:

  • your topic area
  • what motivated your interest in this particular area
  • the field or fields of knowledge that it engages
  • the key questions to be explored
  • the aims of the project
  • the works or materials that will be involved
  • the methodologies that are involved
  • the proposed outcomes of the research

When preparing your research proposal, you should review our active fields of research to help find a possible research area.

After receiving your application, we will try to match your research interests to an appropriate supervisor.