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Other scholarship opportunities


In addition to the range of scholarship opportunities provided through Monash, you can also access support for your research, including overseas research, from the Australian Government and other major external organisations.

Monash has many well-established partnerships with international and domestic universities, industry leadership groups and governments, that you can benefit from by taking up a scholarship they offer.

The list below is by no means exhaustive – but it's a good place to start when searching for a scholarship opportunity.

A*STAR Monash Research Attachment Programme, Singapore
General Sir John Monash Foundation Scholarships
Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships
NHMRC Scholarships
Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships Program (CSFP)
Australian-American Fulbright scholarships
Monash Data61 Scholarships
Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) PhD Scholarship
Monash-Museum Victoria Scholarships

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) Monash Research Attachment Program

This program allows Monash research students to undertake PhD studies at both Monash and an A*STAR Research Institute (RI) in Singapore, where students will typically spend up to two years.

For more information visit the A*STAR website to read about their research activity.

General Sir John Monash Foundation Scholarships

The General Sir John Monash Foundation Scholarships support Australian students to undertake postgraduate study at the world's finest universities. Each award is valued at $150,000 (tax exempt) and supports study for a PhD, DPhil or equivalent degree, or relevant professional master's degree at universities that are the best in a particular field.

Up to eight awards are granted annually to outstanding Australian citizens, graduating from Australian universities, to enable postgraduate study abroad in their field of study.

The General Sir John Monash Foundation can provide more details.

Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships provides a unique opportunity to undertake international study and research related to your Australian degree, while gaining international work experience through an internship or work placement and building your professional network in Asia.
The awards are open to Australian and international undergraduates and postgraduates in any field of study and offer highly-competitive scholarships.

The awards aim to:

  • develop internationally aware, skilled future leaders
  • build human capital within organisations and contribute to productivity gains and innovations
  • establish enduring education and professional linkages. Contact the Australian Government Department of Education for further information and how to apply.

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Scholarships

These scholarships support the training of outstanding Australian health and medical graduates early in their career to help them become original, independent and internationally competitive researchers.

The scholarships help students attain a PhD, equivalent degree or master's degree through full-time research. You apply through the NHMRC, but only in consultation with your Monash supervisor and department head.

You need to read the NHMRC's instructions before submitting an application, which can only be made through its Research Grants Management System (RGMS).

Before submitting an application, you need to take several important steps at Monash, including:

  • preparing your application with the help of your proposed supervisor
  • contacting your referees as soon as you begin preparing your application – they can upload their reports directly to RGMS
  • completing the Application Certification section of the application process, but only when your application is ready to be finalised as certification prevents further editing
  • arranging for your proposed supervisor and head of department to sign the University Certification Form and attach it to an electronic copy of your application
  • providing an electronic copy of the application (ie snapshot reports) and all attachments to MIGR.

Please ensure that you upload the back of all your academic transcript/s which provides the description for scores, marks or ratings acheived.

Opening and closing dates

Applications for NHMRC scholarships open on 27 April and close at Monash on 22 June, which is before the official NHRMC closing date of 29 June.

Our early closing date gives us time to ensure that your application is complete.


In addition to the specific criteria that could apply to a NHMRC scholarship, depending on its type, as explained in the NHMRC's applicant instructions, you must also:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen, holding a Special Category Visa – you can apply if you've sought but haven't received permanent residency or a Special Category Visa, and provide evidence of your status before the start of your award
  • be enrolled, or intend to enrol, in a doctoral degree (with a 100 per cent research component), and
  • have made prior arrangements with the head of the department in which you propose to study.

Reasons you could be ineligibile for a NHMRC scholarship include:

  • you're in the final year of an honours' degree
  • you're already receiving an Australian Postgraduate Award or equivalent Australian Government-funded scholarship
  • you are, or will be, entering your third, full-time (or full-time equivalent) year of PhD studies on or after 1 January in the year in which the award is to commence.

Scholarships to Developed Commonwealth Countries

The Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships Program (CSFP) provides prospective applicants with an opportunity to study in the United Kingdom (UK).

This scheme provides Commonwealth scholarships for students from developing Commonwealth countries to undertake Master's, PhD, and split-site (PhD) study in the UK. The scholarships are funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

Further information is available from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom, but the following points should be noted:

  1. Applications for CSFP must be submitted via the Electronic Application System (EAS). Once the EAS closes no further applications can be made after that date. The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission (CSC) will not accept any applications which are not submitted via the EAS to the nominating agency/university/university body in the candidate's home country.
  2. Information on scholarships to developed Commonwealth countries (including Australia) and updates on the list of participating institutions can be found on the CSC website.
  3. Any enquiries regarding the CSFP offers or prospectuses should be directed to the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom.

Australian-American Fulbright scholarships

The Fulbright Program is the largest and one of the most prestigious educational scholarship programs in the world. The Australian-American Fulbright Commission offers a range of postgraduate scholarships for Australian citizens to study in the United States.

The postgraduate scholarships are available for up to 10 months of research relevant to an Australian PhD; or to undertake an approved course of study in an American higher degree. These scholarships are aimed at current PhD students, honours students, or honours graduates who are considering postgraduate study in the U.S.

For more information visit the Australian-American Fulbright Commission website.

Monash Data61 scholarships (previously NICTA)

Data61, the digital powerhouse formed by the merging of CSIRO's digital productivity business unit and National ICT Australia (NICTA), offers scholarships for exceptional PhD students working in data-related disciplines such as analytics, cyber-physical systems, software and computational systems and decision sciences.

Researchers from the Faculties of Information Technology, Engineering, Science and the Biomedical Imaging Research Centre are collaborating with Data61.

Data61 offers scholarships for exceptional PhD students working in ICT-related disciplines such as information systems, electrical engineering and computer science. There are four scholarship rounds each year.

For more information visit the Faculty of Information Technology scholarships page.

Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) PhD Scholarship

The Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) is a new institute at Monash University, which aims to create new medical engineering technologies that can be developed by our commercial collaborators for improving delivery of healthcare. We achieve our aims by accelerating the discovery, creation and translation of methodologies, processes and technologies in order to improve human health.

The projects on offer are accompanied by living stipends equivalent to an Australian Postgraduate Award. In some cases, these scholarships will also cover tuition fees for International students.

For more information about the projects on offer and details about the scholarship, please visit the MIME 2016 PhD Scholarships page.

Museum Victoria scholarships

As part of a partnership initiative between Monash University and Museum Victoria, two new student scholarship schemes for Monash research students have been established.

These include top-up scholarships and bursary awards for PhD students (valued at $5,000 annually for three years) and one-off scholarships for Honours students (valued at up to $1,500 each) whose proposed projects are either co-supervised by Monash and the Museum, or are substantially focused on some aspects of the Museum collection.

To be eligible, students need to be working on projects that are either co-supervised by the University and the Museum, or are substantially focused on an aspect of the Museum collection.

See below for full guidelines and application form:

Read more about the partnership between Monash and MV, including how co-supervision can enhance your graduate research experience.

More information

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The information provided on this page is correct as at 01/06/2016, and may be revised once the outcomes of the Australian Government's Review of Research Policy and Funding Arrangements are known.