RTP Scholarship Policy (interim)

Research Training Program (RTP) – Resources for Staff & Students

Conditions of Award effective as of 1 January, 2017

Additional Resources

  • Conditions of Award (pre-2017) - including Monash Graduate Scholarship, Monash Equity Scholarship, Monash International Postgraduate Research Scholarship and any other prestigious scholarship awarded by Monash Graduate Education.
  • How to apply to Monash (providing information on how to check for eligibility, including English language entrance requirements, obtaining an invitation to apply etc.)
  • Handbook for Doctoral Degrees (includes information on selection criteria for all doctoral degrees at the University, including professional doctorates).
  • Handbook for Research Master’s Degrees - for application and selection criteria for all research master’s degrees at the University, as well as how to apply to transfer from a research masters to a doctoral degree.
  • Code of practice for supervision of doctoral and research master's students – outlining the code of supervisory practice for students undertaking a graduate research degree; and detailing minimum facilities to be provided to students.
  • Student Complaints and Grievances Policy and Procedures – outlining the steps to initiate a complaint and how to follow the process until it is resolved.