Spin-out companies

Monash University has created a number of successful 'spin-out' companies over its history, including Monash IVF, Acrux, Polynovo, and Ofidium. These companies are formed when the University takes the intellectual property and forms a new business to commercialise that IP based on a solid business case.

The formation of a successful spin-out company requires a number of different factors to come together at once:

  • Innovative technology, process or service
    • Generally protected by registration of appropriate IP rights.
  • Experienced management team
    • Essential for success.
  • Committed research team
    • During the establishment of the company significant commitment from the research team is needed to help transfer the technology and associated 'know-how' into the company.
  • Solid business case
    • Aligning technology and company development with the requirements of the funding providers.
  • Sufficient money to develop the business
    • Obtained through a variety of equity funding, research and other matching grants.

Monash has established a process for forming spin-out companies and other legal structures. An outline of this process is available at the page University Framework for Legal Structures. The formation of a spin-out company requires not only effort but also resources. For this reason, a spin-out company is only formed when it is clearly the best way to commercialise the innovation.