ARC Linkage Projects Scheme

The ARC Linkage Projects Scheme can help you fund a collaborative research project with Monash University.

The scheme has been running for over 10 years. It was founded to give organisations a cost effective way to use high-quality research to uncover answers to difficult issues. In most instances, the findings provide partners with a specific strategic benefit or competitive advantage. It's a chance to gain a real edge in an increasingly competitive world.

And, while there are many flow-on benefits, our priority is that Monash's partner organisations derive a significant return on investment from the partnership.

The scheme has been set up to fund projects that involve risk or innovation. These can range from small-scale projects through to large multi-year engagements.

Monash University has historically performed very well in ARC Linkage Projects applications. The Australian Research Council recently awarded $86 million of which Monash received over $30 million for 80 projects.

The benefits of working with Monash

By partnering with Monash, your organisation gets:

  • The opportunity to tap into Monash University's research expertise and knowledge to develop ideas to a potentially commercial outcome.
  • Expert advice and assistance with IP protection and commercialisation.
  • Access to the University's state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment.
  • A cost-effective way for your organisation to engage in research.
  • Possible eligibility for the Australian Government's R&D Tax Incentive.
  • A chance for your staff to gain the experience that will help them develop in their career.
  • An opportunity to recruit talented Monash postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers to work within your organisation.

Monash makes it easy

Working with a large university can be a complicated process. Our Faculty-based Business Development staff have a wealth of experience in these projects and make the experience as simple and rewarding as possible.

We connect you to the researchers best suited to the needs of your organisation.

We provide advice on any matters such as IP and contractual requirements.

And we can help you lodge the Linkage application.

Monash University is very proud of its track record in developing long-term strategic alliances with industry and end users to achieve positive outcomes. These include: