Monash Consulting Services

As Australia’s largest university, Monash is home to a range of world-leading facilities and technologies across many fields, sectors and industries. Monash Consulting Services can connect your organisation with our expertise and infrastructure.

We can find people and services to help you resolve specific problems or to gain competitive market advantage. We offer:

  • technical expertise and advice
  • specialist testing facilities
  • bespoke management development and training
  • expert witnesses
  • academics for advisory boards.

By accessing our independent expertise, organisations are able to identify and implement innovative, new approaches to doing business. And we take care of all the logistics.

How does it work?

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We’ll find the best and most appropriate Monash expert or service. We also take care of communications with the Monash expert, contract development, and manage project deliverables.

You may also be able to take advantage of our access to government funding programs. The Innovation Voucher Program, for example, provides vouchers of up to $25,000 that can be exchanged for access to innovation and research and development facilities, training, goods, services, advice or expertise.

Contact us

Sean Meehan, Director
+61 3 9905 5240
Room G41, Building 75, Clayton Campus