Strategic alliances and partnerships

Monash Innovation builds and nurtures long-term relationships with industry and other organisations. Our job is to seize opportunities and forge collaborations that allow innovation to drive your business success. We work with you to build a team that has complementary expertise to tackle complex challenges.

Of course, all universities want to collaborate with industry. So what sets us apart?

Research with impact

According to Times Higher Education, Monash is in the top one per cent of the world's universities. Our research has impact. This is no empty claim. Work by Monash researchers in the 1960s and 70s led to the world's first laws requiring seat belts be installed in all new cars, leading to mandatory seatbelt use. In 1973, Monash researchers achieved the world's first IVF pregnancy. More recently, we've collaborated on development of a cheap, single-dose cure for malaria, made breakthroughs in breast cancer research and created healthy stem cells from adults. Our academics provide critical advice to government on a wide range of social matters from population metrics to sentencing laws

A brisk walk to market

Let our researchers turn on the tap to fill your pipeline with new product and service opportunities. With our researchers as your discovery engine, working closely with your experts in product development, we help you progress rapidly from discovery through to utility.

A truly multi-disciplinary approach

The term 'multi-disciplinary' is bandied about a lot these days. But at most universities, industry groups must contact the faculty they think best fits the project, then rely on individuals to guide them to experts in other disciplines. That's why Monash has a division dedicated solely to industry engagement and commercialisation: Monash Innovation. Once we understand your technical, social and business goals, we identify the people best placed to help you, no matter where they come from.

A long-term relationship

Monash and the Traffic Accident Commission have been working together on various projects since 1987 – just a year after the TAC was founded. We have been partners with Worksafe Victoria and the TAC in ISCRR (the Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research) for over seven years, with $70m invested in a portfolio of research. The longevity of the relationship means the two organisations are connected on many levels; Monash and the TAC work closely together and hold joint corporate knowledge.

A long standing collaboration between the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the biotechnology company Starpharma reached a significant milestone with the announcement by Starpharma in late 2015 of a major licensing deal with the global pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca. MIPS scientists have been working with Starpharma for more than 10 years to support the development of novel nanomedicines and are co-inventors on some of Starpharma's drug delivery patents. At Monash, we are in it for the long haul.

Working together

Monash University is committed to working with industry, business, government, and the community sector to find innovative solutions to today's problems. We recognise the importance of building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our external partners. These relationships enhance our research capabilities, build a shared knowledge base, and deliver solutions to our partners. Examples of our success in forging industry links and building robust partnerships that ensure Monash innovations shape the world include GlaxoSmithKline, Ionic Industries, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, PACIA (the Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association), Servier, Takeda and the Oxytocin inhaler project.

Not just another academic

We don't only offer world-class research and development: the pursuit of excellence is in our DNA. We deliver impact in all its forms, from technical innovation to building a skilled workforce. We can commercialise, manage projects, consult, educate and train. We can gather resources from our many subject-specific and cross-disciplinary capabilities, facilities and platforms, our various campuses and centres, and our network of more than 115 partner institutions worldwide.

The Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI) offers a unique opportunity to form an effective collaboration between leading Australian and global industry partners and multi-disciplinary student teams from Monash University. The industry partner defines the project and the skills required from the students in conjunction with the university, to enable an innovative and tangible outcome; Monash assists with a competitive selection process. As always, it's a two-way street. 

Protecting your intellectual property

Our researchers and yours will make exciting discoveries. So we want to reassure you that if Monash co-owns intellectual property with you, our systems make sure that IP is well protected. Of course, we'll promote our work together when agreed - we'll publish in peer-reviewed journals and present at leading international symposiums. But we will never compromise the integrity and commercial potential of our joint IP.


The most effective innovation takes place through a strategic and cooperative approach. We work together with your team to ensure new knowledge that can contribute to your company's goals. We encourage strong communication so that you can make the most of our students, our staff and our world-class facilities. This is at the heart of an effective and successful collaboration.

The partnership between Monash and GlaxoSmithKline won an Australian Business/Higher Education Round Table (B/HERT) award for the unique research and development that is delivering advanced medicines to the world. This partnership has been noted as world-leading by industry peers. It leverages the unique skills in pharmaceutical science and nanotechnology at Monash with the world-class medicine development and hi-tech manufacturing capabilities of GSK Australia, translating cutting-edge science and technology into both current and next-generation pharmaceutical products for the national and international market.