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Ingrid Zukerman

How can you not love Artificial Intelligence? - Professor Ingrid Zukerman

The enduring gender gap in computing remains something of a mystery to Professor Ingrid Zukerman. After 35 years of exploration in a field she never planned to enter – Professor Zukerman was studying industrial engineering in Israel when a

Joanne Evans

IT for social justice - Dr Joanne Evans

“When you’re designing IT systems, you’ve got to be aware of your position of privilege and think about how you use that,” says Dr Joanne Evans.

Dr Zahraa Abadallah with Associate Dean Graduate Research Professor Sue McKemmish

Dr Zahraa Abdallah

Dr Zahraa Abdallah says that her job as a research fellow in applied data science is to find solutions. She uses new technology to organise and make sense of the avalanche of data that is being generated every day.

Dr Kevin Korb and Professor Ann Nicholson

Monash University wins AUD $18m funding to advance intelligence analysis

Monash University has been chosen for a multi-million dollar research contract aimed at enhancing the performance of the US intelligence community.  Systems using artificial intelligence (AI) will refine reasoning and outcomes, with the potential

Faculty attracts over $1 million in ARC funding

Several researchers from the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University were successful in the recent round of funding announcements from the Australian Research Council.

Digital Divas wins national prize

A new book about changing the attitudes of school girls towards IT has won the 2016 Leonie Warne Prize.

Robert Merkel

Server down: what caused the ATO systems to crash

Many Australian Tax Office IT systems have been unavailable for days after a major fault, apparently caused by a problem with a large-scale storage server.


Optimising transport solutions

Linfox trials the MiniZinc platform to help make the right choices for multi resource transport problems.