Course advice

Our dedicated team of course advisors can help you plan your studies and decide what to do next. They can also put you in touch with other useful services, and advise on the university’s key policies and procedures.

General course advice

Students are always welcome to contact the faculty office at their home campus to access general course advice – including advice on majors, minors and specialisations, course progression, unit choice information etc.

Gippsland students should contact the Caulfield campus office for course advice.

Double degree students please note: any course advice regarding the component of your degree that is not Information Technology should be sought from the relevant Faculty (i.e. Business and Economics, Science etc).

Before you get in touch…

Before you contact us for course advice, we’ll be better able to help you if you’re familiar with some of your key course requirements. For example, we may need to ask you about some of the following details:

  • what your specialisations are, and any requirements of your desired major or minor
  • the number of credit points you’ve enrolled in, those you’ve already completed, and the overall number of credit points required for your course
  • your progress in compulsory or core units, and the start date of your enrolment in the course to ensure you’re on track to complete your course within the allowable time.

Undergraduate students should also familiarise themselves with the relevant course maps.

Academic advice

If you require more detailed academic advice – for example information about the academic content of units, or information on majors, minors and specialisations, approval for prerequisite waivers, course variations etc  – we can refer you to a course director.

Please note: while course directors can give advice concerning unit choice, the final decision is not the Faculty's responsibility and the Faculty does not take any responsibility for any error in unit selection.

For further information students should refer to the online Handbook.