Collaborative, interactive, immersive Practice-based PhD projects

28 July 2017

Professor Jon McCormack


Professor Jon McCormack, SensiLab Director (read more)

Dr Tom ChandlerDr Vince DziekanDr Matt ButlerDr Tom ChandlerDr Misha Myers

  • achieve excellence at a world top 100 university
  • be part of an internationally recognised faculty of information technology
  • become researcher of a  project that can be experienced, such as a game, a digital cultural archive, a new piece of wearable health technology
  • study in a research space like no other sensiLab the first of its kind at Monash and in Australia
  • obtain a PHD BY PRACTICE BASED RESEARCH AND EXEGESIS a new form of PhD in Information Technology, which encourages multi-disciplinary, creative and dynamic projects, is the only one of its kind in Australia

Four Projects:

1. Virtual Heritage Project

We are seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds - digital media artists, creative writers, 3D designers, heritage professionals, educators, media producers and games developers - who want to direct their interests in culture toward the realization of new and original works.

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For more information, please contact Tom Chandler

2. Innovative Use of Contemporary Games Technologies

Computer game experiences have changed dramatically with developments in the associated technologies. Experiences have become much more immersive, from both the perspective of how content is delivered and also how it is interacted with. Along with that, the development of more sophisticated algorithms and complex problem solving techniques has meant that more “intelligent” systems can be created for the user to interact with. As a consequence, this opens up possibilities for not only more advanced gaming experiences, but also opportunity to create new experiences outside of traditional gaming contexts.

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For more information, please contact Dr Matt Butler

3. Ars Incognita – Interfacing Creative Research with Digital Cultural

(UX) development of a mobile exhibition-based app ('Ars Incognita'). Through undertaking a course of practice-based research, the outcome of the research aims to achieve a robust and tested technology platform with demonstrable capacity to support creative practitioners as well as members of the general public to produce, explore and interact with cultural content in the public domain.

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For more information, please contact Dr Vince Dziekan

4. Creating Digital Cultural and Heritage Experiences in the Public Realm

Through this research programme, we hope to build the creative capacity of artists, designers, curators, media producers and technology developers to engage with emerging forms of cultural content (e.g. transmedia art; digital cultural heritage) leading to the development, production and realization of new, original works that challenge the nature of mediated cultural experience.

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For more information, please contact Dr Vince Dziekan

The Opportunity

This PhD project is fully funded and includes a full tuition fees plus a stipend at RTP rate ($26,682 pa tax free ). You will be based at sensiLab in the Faculty of information Technology Monash University. Read more about Scholarships and Funding

Candidate Requirements

Candidates need to be eligible to undertake a PhD in the Faculty of IT at Monash University. Please check your eligibility on the How to apply page and if you meet the criteria please submit an Expression of Interest.

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Contact name: Professor Jon McCormack, Dr Tom Chandler, Dr Vince Dziekan, Dr Matt Butler, Dr Tom Chandler & Dr Misha Myers