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The Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics draws its members from and works closely with the following research groups within the Faculty of Information Technology.

Centre for Community Networking Research (CCNR)
The Centre for Community Networking Research, Caulfield School of Information Technology, at Monash University, aims to understand how communities and community organisations are using new technologies.
Computer Education Research Group (CERG)
The Computing Education Research Group of the Faculty of Information Technology is interested in contemporary educational issues in computing and seeks to provide a vision for the pedagogical future of computing.
International Development Informatics Association (IDIA)
IDIA serves as a forum for international cooperation between organisations focusing on research in the use of ICT for developing economies and societies, where various constraints impact on the use of ICT compared to highly developed regions (view in Mozilla Firefox for best results).
 Information and Telecommunications Needs Research (ITNR)
ITNR has researched people's relationships with each other and their new information and communications environments. In particular analysing user needs and understanding how systems and services can be developed or adapted to meet those needs.
Knowledge Management Research Program (KMRP)
The KM Research Program at Monash University, in the Faculty of Information Technology conducts studies towards a comprehensive approach to knowledge management for intelligent decision support.
Mobile Health Research Group (MHRG)
MHRG is an interdisciplinary research group whose aim is to explore, understand and support mobile clinical practice with emerging information and communications technology in healthcare environments.
Monash 3D Group (3dG)
The Monash 3D Group (3dG) is a collective of Faculty of Information Technology academic staff, graduates and HDR students and with a shared interest in the research applications of 3D modelling and animation technologies.
Records Continuum Research Group (RCRG)
The Records Continuum Research Group is looking at methods of analysis which enable records to be controlled at different points in time throughout their lifespan.