Lead researchers

Gillian Oliver

Assoc Professor Gillian Oliver

COSI Director

Prof Frada Burstein

COSI Deputy Director

Prof Susan McKemmish

Prof Ian McLoughlin

Head of Department
Department of Management,
Faculty of Business and Economics
Phone +61 3 990 32036

Prof Julie Fisher

Dr Steven Wright

Adj Assoc Prof John Hurst

Dr Michael Morgan

Adj Assoc Prof Graeme Johanson

Assoc Prof Judithe Sheard

Dr Henry Linger

Dr Jacques Steyn

Dr Zane Ma Rhea

Associate Professor
Faculty of Education
Phone +61 3 990 44416

COSI researchers

Dr Matthew Butler

Ms Cheryl Howard

Associate Professor Angela Carbone

Phone: +61 3 990 34481

Dr Susan Foster

Ms Margot Schuhmacher

Dr Larry Stillman

Dr Tom Denison

Dr Kerry Tanner

Dr Kirsten Ellis

Dr Abraham Van Der Vyer

Dr Joanne Evans

Ms Sheelagh Walton

Dr Shannon Faulkhead (RCRG)

Research Fellow, Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies
Phone: +61 3 990 53249

Dr Pari Delir Haghighi

Ms Janet Fraser

Dr Markus Belkin

Honorary members

eric ketelaar

Professor Eric Ketelaar

Alternate email:

Eric is Emeritus Professor of Archivistics (Archival Science) in the Department of Mediastudies (Archive and Information Studies) of the University of Amsterdam. He is an Honorary Lead Researcher in COSI at Monash University, Melbourne (Faculty of Information Technology). Educated as a lawyer and legal historian, he received his LLM (1967) and LLD (cum laude) degrees from Leiden University. His previous functions were Assistant Lecturer of Legal History at Leiden University, Secretary of the Archives Council, Director of the Dutch State School of Archivists, and Assistant to the General State Archivist. In 1980 he was appointed Deputy General State Archivist. Four years later he moved to Groningen to become State Archivist of that province. He was General State Archivist (National Archivist) of The Netherlands from 1989-1997. From 1997-2001 he was part-time Inspector General of the State Archives Service of the Netherlands and subsequently General Counsel to the National Archivist. From 1992-2002 he held the chair of archivistics in the Department of History of the University of Leiden. He has served the International Council on Archives (ICA) in different capacities over a period of twenty years and in 2000 ICA elected him Honorary President.

Andrew is an Adjunct Research Fellow and was previously a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty with specific interests in large-scale organisational systems and change management. He is currently a consultant practitioner and trainer in Business Analysis, Business Process Management and Service Management.

Emeritus Professor Donald Schauder

Mr Chris Avram

Mr Andrew Barnden

Shawn Callahan

Livia Iacovino

More information about Livia

Ms Jan Miller

Dr Marian Quigley

Associate members

Professor Paul Arbon
Dean, School of Nursing and Midwifery,
Flinders University
Phone: +61 8 8201 3558
Fax: +61 8 8276 1602

Dr Suzanne Zyngier
School of Management
La Trobe University
Phone: +61 3 9479 5265

Dr Annemieke Craig
Senior Lecturer, School of IS, Deakin University
Phone: +61 3 5227 2152
Fax: +61 3 5227 2151

Dr Rodney Turner
Sessional lecturer
Victoria Uni, LaTrobe Uni and Kaplan Business College
Phone: 0413452763

Alejandro Delgado Gómez
Head of Electronic Archives and Records for the City of Cartagena, Spain

Dr Frank Upward (RCRG)
Phone: +61 3 9534 2405

Dr Catherine Lang
Senior Lecturer
Project Officer
Swinburne Professional Learning,
Higher Education Division,
Swinburne University
Phone: +61 3 9214 5884
Fax: +61 3 9214 4328

Dr Kate Lazarenko
Dr Rosetta Manaszewicz
Research Assistant
Monash University

Higher Degree Research Students

Photo of Naief Azyabi

Mr Naief Azyabi
Phone: +61 3 990 34147
Fax: +61 3 990 31077

Summary of research (pdf, 55kb)

Mr Paul Plantinga
Phone: +27-(0)72-643-3669

Summary of PhD research (pdf, 20kb)

Mr Anthony Wong

Phone: +61 3 990 47159
Summary of PhD research (pdf, 117kb)
Photo of Abdul Bakar

Abdul Bakar

Summary of research (pdf, 44kb)

Dr Jue Xie
Photo of Dianna McClellan

Dianna McClellan

Summary of Masters research (doc, 36kb)

Ms Ineke Deserno
Phone: +32 2 7822577
Brussels, Belgium (international student/off-campus learning)

Summary of PhD research (pdf, 48kb)

Photo of Leisa Gibbons

Miss Leisa Gibbons

Summary of PhD research (pdf, 45kb)
Ms Gemma Barlow 
Summary of Masters research (pdf, 11kb)
Photo of Misita Anwar

Ms Misita Anwar
Phone: +61 3 990 32806

Mr Adel Moslehi
Fax: +61 3 990 31077

Phone: +61 3 990 32104

COSI Executive

  • Gillian Oliver (COSI Director)
  • Sue McKemmish
  • Frada Burstein (COSI Deputy Director, KMLab)
  • Julie Fisher
  • John Hurst (CERG)
  • Graeme Johanson (CCNR and IDIA)
  • Judy Sheard (CERG and HDR Coordinator)
  • Henry Linger (Seminar Coordinator)
  • Michael Morgan (Berwick)
  • Tom Chandler (AVRG)
  • Ian McLoughlin (BusEco)
  • Zane Ma Rhea (Education)