Breast Cancer Knowledge Online (BCKO)

Breast Cancer Knowledge Online (BCKO)

Welcome to the web site of the Breast Cancer Knowledge Online Project. This project drew on researchers from: Monash University's [EIRG] Enterprise Information Research Group, with industry partners BreastCare Victoria and the Breast Cancer Action Group.

This project had been implemented with the support of the Australian Research Council, through its Linkage program.

Commencing in 2002, the first stage of the project was completed in 2003, and the resulting portal prototype is available at:

Phase 2 of the project, entitled BCKO2, was successfully completed in 2005.

A Brief Project Overview

Breast Cancer Knowledge Online (BCKO)

Customised, in-time access to information impacts significantly on the ability of women with breast cancer to make health and lifestyle decisions. Although there is a plethora of information resources available online for women with breast cancer and their families, research indicates dissatisfaction with its timeliness, relevance, format and quality. Information and decision support needs vary according to disease stage, education, age, location and ethnicity, however the resources are most often designed for a homogenous mass audience.

This project has addressed this issue by analysing the diverse information needs of women with breast cancer and their families and by assessing and describing existing online resources in user-aware ways. The project has designed and prototyped a web-based user-sensitive portal capable of matching user-aware resource descriptions and user needs profiles to provide differentiated access to breast cancer knowledge online.

Breast Cancer Knowledge Online has been supported by the Australian Research Council through its Linkage Programme and has been a joint project of:

Monash ITBCVBreast Cancer Action Group