Koorie Archiving System (KAS)

The Koorie Archiving System (KAS) Project will create a shared, collaborative archival space to bring together and make accessible records relating to Koorie communities and individuals, including written records, oral testimony, photographs, audio and video recordings from government, community and personal sources.

This rich, multi-layered resource will support knowledge sharing, family link-ups, land claims, and regeneration of culture and communities. Koorie people will be able to add their records and stories and link them to related government records. They will also be able to annotate, interpret, correct, or provide context for information content sourced from official records.

The project will pioneer a model for archival institutions to work in equal partnership with communities to negotiate rights in the records, and to arrange, describe, and interpret them. The project will also pilot separating the ownership and control of the content of the records from the technical tasks of storing and accessing them.