Pluralizing the Archival Paradigm Through Education


This project commenced in July 2005. It seeks to identify the current scope and extent of archival education in the Pacific Rim, and to encourage research and development activities that will promote 1) the development of culturally and politically sensitive education of qualified archival professionals in Pacific Rim communities, especially those which have no local archival education infrastructure; and 2) incorporation of the interests, needs, and cultural beliefs and practices of diverse communities into existing educational programs in the Pacific Rim area.

The project is a collaboration between the directors of two of the largest archival education programs in the region – at UCLA and at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. The project is supported through a grant from the University of California Pacific Rim Research Program.

Past events

  • Workshop - Pluralizing the Archival Paradigm

    Pluralizing the Archival Paradigm - Archival Education and Research Training Needs of Indigenous and Minority Communities: A Workshop for Invited Participants - 21-22 March 2007; Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.