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Recent publications:

  • Iacovino, L., 2010, Rethinking archival, ethical and legal frameworks for records of Indigenous Australian communities: A participant relationship model of rights and responsibilities, Archival Science, vol 10, issue 4, Springer, Dordrecht Netherlands, pp. 353-372.
  • Iacovino L., 2012, Silent witnesses: Implementation of international human rights as warrants for archival agenda for Indigenous Australians, in Archives without Borders, Archivos sin Fronteras, Proceedings of the International Congress in the Hague, August 30-31, 2010, eds H van Engen, G. Janssens, G. Kwanten, K.M. Pompe, Belgium association for archivists and Dutch association for archivists, The Hague, Netherlands, pp.197-221.
  • McKemmish, S., Iacovino, L., Ketelaar, E., Castan, M., Russell, L., 2011, Resetting relationships: archives and Indigenous human rights in Australia, Archives & Manuscripts, vol 39, issue 1, Australian Society of Archivists, Brisbane Qld Australia, pp. 107-144.
  • McKemmish, S., Iacovino, L., Russell, L., Castan, M., 2012, Editors’ Introduction to Keeping cultures alive: Archives and Indigenous human rights, Archival Science Springer, Dordrecht Netherlands, vol. 12 issue 2. pp. 93–111.

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