Innovation Bootcamp

Entrepreneurs are born but they can also be created. In Bootcamp, we have the philosophy that everyone is capable of evolving their entrepreneurial skills through a combination of formal learning and informal dialogue. The format of the learning environment is immersive, interactive and designed to help you reflect on your potential to think – and engage – entrepreneurially.

The program is typically run over the weekend and is led by a team of subject matter experts in entrepreneurship, law, intellectual property, business and finance. It’s a great networking opportunity not just with the course leaders, but also within the cohort of HDR attendees who are typically bright, motivated and keenly interested in starting new ventures.

Learning outcomes include:

  • A formal toolbox of skills and techniques to understand and evaluate new business ideas
  • A foundational understanding of intellectual property, finance and the basics of company law
  • Soft skills such as communication, teamwork and presentation skills
  • Personal development opportunities and feedback