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We rarely take time to reflect on the path our career has taken, and think about what we've gained as a result; in terms of skill, achievement, and satisfaction. Reflection helps us get a better sense of who we are, what we've accomplished, what we know, and in turn, plan our future goals. It helps us detect patterns in our life, so that we can evaluate our professional and personal growth.

When reflecting on your career, clearly identify the positive aspects of your working life, as well as those you might not want to repeat. Here, you'll gain an understanding of your motivators and strengths, so that you can discover the career path that's right for you, and get a plan in motion to get there.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Describe three things you enjoy most about your job
  • Describe three things you don't enjoy
  • Are your work-based values met in this role and organisation/university?
  • What attracted you to your current job initially

Can you detect a common theme? Hopefully your answers have helped you reflect on what's important to you. They should give you focus in your job search/career direction, so that you can align it to your professional objectives.