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The in-house internship program gives passionate Monash Law students the chance to work on the Centre's policy, research and public education projects. Tasks may include:

  • Conducting research for parliamentary submissions, policy papers and web resources such as the Have You Got That Right? video project.
  • Writing articles for Castan Centre newsletters.
  • Helping to organise events such as public lectures and the annual human rights conference.
  • Undertaking a modest amount of administrative work.

Non-Monash students may also apply for in-house internships at any time.  However, slots for non-Monash students are only open during periods where the centre has a high workload and Monash students will be given priority.

2016 Semester 2 Internships

Applications for Winter/Semester 2 internships are now open and close on May 13. Winter interns work with us Monday-Thursday for three weeks over the semester break. Semester 2 interns come in one day a week from weeks 1-12 on either a Tuesday or Thursday.

Selection criteria

To be considered for a Castan Centre In-House Internship, students must:

  • Be studying Bachelor of Laws (or any Bachelor of Laws double degree), JD degree or LLM degree at Monash University and be an enrolled student at the time of the internship.
  • Have completed International Human Rights (LAW4155) or Human Rights in Australian Law (LAW4172), or Overview of international human rights law (LAW7026) or their equivalent (must be a law subject) by the start of the internship. This requirement is not negotiable and having taken International Law or International Humanitarian or International Criminal law will not suffice.
  • Have achieved a minimum credit (60%) average across their law studies.

Interns will be selected on the strength of their CV and cover letter.  There will be no interviews.

Application process

Please email the following information as a single document (word or pdf)

- Brief cover letter (not more than 1 page)

- CV (including your Monash student number

- Academic transcripts (official transcripts are not necessary, a print copy from WES including weighted GPA is fine)


Caitlin Mcinnis

Project Officer

Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

Your letter should state:

  • Your reasons for applying for an internship
  • Which intake period you are applying for, and
  • Days of the week during which you are available (part-time internship applicants only)


Q. I did a subject at another uni or overseas that I think is the equivalent to LAW4155, LAW4172 or LAW7026 can I apply?

A. Yes, but please include the subject outline with your application so we can see the content of the course. The subject must be specifically based on human rights law and a general international law subject is not equivalent.

Q. I will be enrolled in LAW4155, LAW4172 or LAW7026 during the internship period, am I eligible?

A. No, You must have completed the subject by the start of the internship, so for example if you apply for a Semester 1 internship when you are also enrolled in the relevant subject in semester 1 you are not eligible. You may apply before you have actually completed the subject as long as you are enrolled and will have finished by the time the internship begins.

Q. Is the internship paid?

A. No, unfortunately we do not have the financial resources to pay interns.

Q. I'm not a Monash student, can I still apply?

A. Yes, but preference is given to Monash students.

Q. How many times a year do you advertise for interns?

A. Twice a year, once for Summer and Semester 1, once for Winter and Semester 2.