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Castan Centre Human Rights Moot Competition


The 2016 Competition

The results are as follows:


  • University of NSW (team 5) defeated University of Queensland (team 7)

Semi Finals

  • University of Queensland (team 7) defeated University of Melbourne (team 12)
  • University of NSW (team 5) defeated La Trobe (team 8)

Quarter Finals

  • University of Melbourne (team 12) defeated University of Tasmania (team 14)
  • La Trobe University (team 8) defeated Monash University (team 2)
  • University of NSW (team 5) defeated University of Melbourne (team 11)
  • University of Queensland (team 7) defeated Monash University (team 1)

How are the teams chosen?

Each law school is responsible for choosing and organising its team/s.

Each team should ideally have three members but two is acceptable if no other students are interested in participating.

Competitors must be in the equivalent of at least third year of a combined law degree or any year of a JD degree, but must not have completed their degree.

It is preferable that competitors have completed some studies in human rights law.

How many teams can enter

There is a maximum capacity of 16 teams. Entry is first in, best dressed.

Each Victorian Law School is permitted to enter up to two teams, other Australian Law Schools can enter one team.

Additional teams may be entered only with the prior permission of the Castan Centre.

2016 Delegates

The 2016 delegates will be confirmed closer to the competition. In the meantime, if you want to discuss the moot with someone at your university, the 205 delegates may be able to help. They are:


  • Deakin University: Dan Meagher,
  • Monash University: Rowena Cantley-Smith, (note: Monash teams are selected through the LAW4805 - Mooting and advocacy competition)
  • RMIT: Paul Melican,
  • Melbourne University: Rachel,
  • LaTrobe University: Marlee Viero,


  • University of South Australia: Andrew Senyard,
  • Sydney University: Elizabeth Pearson and Julian Zoller,
  • University of Queensland: Genevieve Murray,
  • Australian National University, Simon Rice,
  • University of Western Sydney, Emma Nichelsen,
  • University of Tasmania, Olga Nelson,
  • University of New South Wales, Paul Mersiades

In the meantime please direct any enquiries to Caitlin McInnis on 03 9905 3318 or email

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