Assignment submission procedures - Postgraduate

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Completing your assessment task cover sheet

Assessment must include an assessment task cover sheet found in the student forms section. Please keep a copy of tasks completed for your records.

Submitting your assessment online

Electronic submission is approved for your unit. Use only the Moodle assignment submit tool. Do not submit files attached to email. Log into Moodle via the portal and select the unit for which you wish to submit work.

  • Unless you have made prior arrangements with your lecturer, only the following file formats will be accepted: .doc, .docx, pdf;
  • It is essential you adhere to the following format for the naming of the file you wish to submit:
    • it must contain your Authcate name; and
    • there must be no space in the filename.
  • You will receive a confirmation message within Moodle once you have successfully submitted your assessment within the electronic dropbox.
  • Comments and grading of your assessment will be communicated to you either by Moodle, email, or post.

Moodle help

You may refer to the following links for assistance with Moodle:

Extensions and penalties

A penalty will be applied for late submission of assignments.  The penalty will be a percentage of the available mark, applied after the work has been marked, and in accordance with the number of days or hours after the published due date the assignment is submitted. The penalty will be calculated as follows:

For assignments and take-home examinations of ten days or more in duration, marks will be deducted at a rate of 10% of the marks available for that assessment piece per day (or part thereof) that the assessment piece is late.

For assignments and take-home examinations of less than ten days duration, marks will be deducted at a rate of 5% of the marks available for that assessment piece for the first hour (or part thereof) that the assessment piece is late; and 10% of the marks available for that assessment piece for every subsequent hour (or part thereof) that the assessment piece is late.

No late submissions will be accepted after the date that assignments are returned to students unless otherwise specified in the unit guide by the Chief Examiner.

The Chief Examiner is required to keep records of the penalty applied to each student concerned, and to ensure that the penalty is reflected in the final result for the unit.

Students must be advised upon return of the mark for their assignment or take-home examination that a penalty has been applied.

In the case of assessments other than assignments or take-home exams, the relevant Unit Guides will set out whether late submissions will be accepted and, if so, the penalties that will apply.

Weekends and public holidays are included in the count of days.

Where a short extension (in the case of assignments) or special consideration (in the case of assignments and take-home examinations) has been approved, late penalties will commence from the revised due date and time.

Applying for short extension

A Chief Examiner may grant a short extension not exceeding five working days of the time for submission of an in-semester assessment task on receipt of an application for short extension signed by the student, and must notify the student of the decision and keep a record. An application for short extension must be submitted before the due date for the assessment item.

Generally, an extension will not be granted for normal work commitments or for several assessments being due at once, as most students experience these conditions, and students can plan around them.  A DLU registration letter may be considered as sufficient evidence only  when applying for a Short Extension directly to the Chief Examiner of the unit. Note: This does not apply to take-home examination.

The Chief Examiner may require the student to submit documentary evidence in support of the application.

If you need a longer extension, or an extension on a take-home examination, please see special consideration

Returning assessments

Assessments will be returned to students via the Student Services Office.

Students can expect assessments to be returned four weeks after the submission date or receipt, whichever is later. Take-home examinations and examination scripts are not returned to the students, but may be made available for perusal under the supervision of the Program Coordinator.

An email notification sent to your Monash University email address will inform you that your marked research assessment is ready for collection.

Referencing requirements

You are required to reference consistently with the regime outlined in the library guide to citing legal references. Please note that you must use pinpoint references - ones which refer to a specific page or paragraph number - when quoting from or referring to specific material in cases, journals, books and publications.

Version date: 29 July 2016