Timetables - Postgraduate and Juris Doctor

The Faculty has recently introduced the following new postgraduate units, to be offered in 2017:

The Monash postgraduate law program uses different teaching periods, unit discontinuation dates, and penalty dates from the rest of the University. The dates used in the postgraduate program do not use the central university census dates. Students must be aware of their discontinuation dates for all of their enrolled units to avoid academic and financial penalties.

Please find the following timetable which outlines the units over the calendar year and commencing all throughout the year.

Masters, JD electives, Graduate diplomas and single unit enrolments:

2017 - Masters, JD electives, Graduate Diplomas and Single Unit enrolments timetable (pdf, 108kb)

2017 - Elective Waiting List Application Form

2016 - Masters, JD electives, Graduate Diplomas and Single Unit enrolments timetable

Monash Juris Doctor compulsory units:

Check if you meet the pre-requisites and co-requisites

2017 - Monash Juris Doctor class timetable (pdf, 56kb)

2017 - Application to Change Seminar Stream/Tutorial Group (Only available from 12pm 21 August, 2017)

2016 - Monash Juris Doctor class timetable

Monash Juris Doctor examination timetable

2016 - 2019 Monash Juris Doctor Trimester Dates

Allocate+ dates:

Allocate+ opens at 12 pm unless stated otherwise.  Allocate+ closes the Friday before classes commences at 12 pm. Students who are not allocated when it closes will be allocated to available streams.

Teaching periodAllocate+ opens onTrimester Start Date
Trimester 1 2017New students - Friday, 6 January 2017
Continuing students - Friday, 2 December 2016
New students - Monday, 23 January 2017
Continuing students - Monday, 4 January 2017
Trimester 2 2017Friday, 31 March 2017Monday, 1 May 2017
Trimester 3 2017
Continuing Students
Friday, 21 July 2017Monday, 21 August 2017
Trimester 3 2017
New Students
Preference entry opens - Friday July 21, 10am
System closes for sort - Friday August 11, 10am
System re-opens in adjustment mode -  Friday August 11, 2pm
System closes (read only) for changes - Friday August 18, 12pm
Monday, 21 August 2017