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An internship placement is a practical training experience within a company, business or organisation. Designed to complement prior learning in a particular field, an industry-specific internship at Monash Law School allows individuals to apply theoretical understanding, develop knowledge, qualifications and skills in their area of expertise while working within a host company.

As part of the Monash Passport, Monash Law School is committed to expanding and enhancing the international learning experiences of our students by encouraging and supporting student participation in all international programs including internships.

The Law Faculty offers a range of Faculty Managed Internships as well as supporting Student Organised or External Internships including an internship with Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program (UCWIP).

The Law Faculty's Student Mobility Fund (SMF) has been developed to provide financial assistance to students who have been accepted into the above Internships.

The International Law Association's (ILA) International Careers & Opportunities Guide is a reference for Monash Law students considering student organised internship opportunities, or even just exploring the myriad of legal career possibilities and pathways available internationally.