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This page contains information on Prato class timetable, units and important dates as well as on assessments and exams. 

Prato class timetable

This timetable has been finalised however changes may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.  Therefore it is always best to check the timetable on the web for any updates rather than print it.
Notes about class timetable: 

1. Units are to be taught in one of three, four week blocks. 

  • Block 1 - 4 April to 29 April

  • Block 2 - 2 May to 25 May

  • Block 3 - 30 May to 23 June

2. Students can take up to four units and these units can be taken from any block/s as long as they do not clash.

3. Do not book flights or accommodation until further advised.

4. Units remain subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

5. All units taught in teaching period T2-57 and result publication dates are scheduled to be published August 2016.

6.   Arts/Criminology Prato Program: Arts (Criminology)/Law students can enrol in one or two Arts (Criminology) units in Prato 2016. 
For details please refer to the Arts website and also note the application procedure.

About Prato units

  • This site will be updated regularly with additional unit information.
  • Units are subject to approval and minor amendments.
  • There is limited capacity at the Prato Centre and therefore quotas apply to all units.
  • Do not organise flights and accommodation until this program has been finalised and you have been advised to do so
  • Monash Law undergraduate students may not undertake other Semester 1 based units simultaneously with units in the Prato program.
  • The Monash Law faculty will not arrange for students participating in the Prato program to sit an invigilated exam at Prato for any unit other than a Prato law unit.
  • Monash JD students cannot undertake Prato units until after their Trimester 1 exams have been completed.

Compulsory Orientation sessions 

Students must attend one of the three sessions listed in the timetable either before or soon after their first class to receive their computer passwords for use at the Prato Centre. 

At these sessions students will receive their computer passwords for electronic resources and the Prato Card (discount card to shops, restaurants etc.).

Attendance will be recorded.

Text books or printed materials

There are no text books required.  On-line reading lists will become available in due course via the Library Resource and Materials website. 

Please note: Some of the printed materials and reading lists have not been finalised and therefore you will not be able to see them at this stage but please keep checking for availability.

Prato assessment and exams

Attendance Hurdle
In 2016, an attendance hurdle has been introduced for students in the Prato program. This means that students who fail to attend at least 80% of the classes (ie who miss 3 or more classes) will receive a result of 0 N for the unit. Students who are unable to meet this requirement due to illness or other exceptional circumstances must make an application for in-semester special consideration.

Assignment submission dates
Some units will have a final assignment which will need to be emailed to the relevant academic teaching the unit 4 weeks from the end of the unit.  You do not need to stay in Prato after the end of the unit as long as the assignment is submitted by the due date.

Take Home Examinations Some units will have a take home examination instead of an invigilated exam.  Take-home examinations will be made available to students electronically, usually by uploading the examination to the unit webpage. In some units, hard copies of the examination may be made available in the last class or through the Academic Programs Coordinator.

Take-home examinations can be submitted electronically 10 days from the end of the unit. This means that you can leave Prato after your exams in other units (if any), and write your take-home exam anywhere you wish.

Provisional 2016 Prato unit information 

All units are available to Law Undergraduate and Postgraduate students except for Introduction to Italian legal culture which is only available to Law Undergraduate and Arts/Criminology students.


 Last day to discontinue without financial penalty or (WD) on academic transcript Last day to discontinue
unit before -WD-Fail (N) on academic transcript
Last day to discontinue unit with WD-Fail on academic transcript Teaching staff

Introduction to Italian legal culture (synopsis and schedule)

(taught at University of Florence) 


Blocks 1 & 2
4/4/16 - 18/5/16


TBATBAProf Alessandra De Luca & others 
(University of Florence)
European & international monetary law
LAW4673 - UG

LAW5630 - PG 

Block 1
6/4/16 - 29/4/16 
18/4/201622/4/20162/5/2016Ms Corinna Dornacher
(University of Passau)

Comparative cyberlaw

LAW4329 - UG

LAW5603 - PG

Block 1
6/4/16 - 29/4/16 



22/4/2016 2/5/2016Assoc Prof David Lindsay
(Monash University)
European human rights law

LAW4666 - UG 

LAW5619 - PG 

Block 1
6/4/16 - 29/4/16  
18/4/201622/4/20162/5/2016Professor Annalisa Ciampi
(University of Verona)

Game theory and the law

LAW4659 - UG

LAW5613 - PG

Block 1
12/4/16 - 29/4/16 

20/4/2016 25/4/2016 5/5/2016Prof Adi Ayal
International & comparative trade mark law

LAW4535 - UG

LAW5628 - PG

Block 2
3/5/16 - 25/5/16
12/5/2016 19/5/201630/5/2016Professor Mark Davison
(Monash University) 
Comparative issues in patent law
LAW4655 - UG

LAW5611 - PG

Block 2
3/5/16 - 25/5/16
12/5/2016 19/5/201630/5/2016Professor Ann Monotti
(Monash University)
Contemporary workplace relations law

LAW4119 - UG

LAW5633 - PG

Block 2
3/5/16 - 25/5/16
12/5/2016 19/5/201630/5/2016Professor Marilyn Pittard
(Monash University)

Comparative European legal systems

LAW4153 - UG

LAW5326 - PG

Block 2
3/5/16 - 25/5/16 

12/5/2016 19/5/201630/5/2016

Professor Vittoria Barsotti and Professor Vincenzo Varano, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Law
(University of Florence)

International commercial arbitration

LAW4179 - UG

LAW5332 - PG

Block 3
30/5/16 - 16/6/16
7/6/201613/6/201622/6/2016Professor Christophe Seraglini
(Paris-Sud, France)
Judgment and decision-making

LAW4676 - UG

LAW5627 - PG 

Block 3
31/5/16 - 23/6/16 
10/6/201616/6/201627/6/2016Professor Ruth Corbin
(Osgoode Hall, York University, Canada)

Privacy and surveillance in an information age: Comparative law perspectives

LAW4653 - UG

LAW5620 - PG

Block 3
31/5/16 - 23/6/16 

10/6/2016 16/6/2016 27/6/2016Assoc Prof David Lindsay 
(Monash University)
International & comparative insolvency law
LAW4675 - UG

LAW5626 - PG 

Block 3
31/5/16 - 23/6/16 
10/6/201616/6/201627/6/2016Judge Redfield Baum
(Arizona State University)
Freedom of speech: Law, theory and policy
LAW4674 - UG
LAW5625 - PG  

Block 3
31/5/16 - 23/6/16 
10/6/201616/6/201627/6/2016Professor Peter Jenkins
(Osgoode Hall, York University, Canada)