Admission to practise law in Australia for qualified overseas practitioners

Requirements for practicing law for overseas practitioners

Overseas practitioners wanting to be admitted to practice law in Australia, should contact the governing body in the state in which they intend to practise to determine the requirements for admission.

In the State of Victoria, the governing body is known as the Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB). For applicants admitted to practice in their home country, VLAB will assess their qualifications and determine which areas of study need to be undertaken in order to qualify for practice in the State of Victoria.

Single unit enrolment through Monash JD program allows admissions in State of Victoria

Monash Law School offers single unit subject enrolment through our Monash JD program, primarily for admissions in the State of Victoria. Core Monash JD units are endorsed by VLAB, meeting the areas of knowledge required for admission in Victoria.

Further details of Monash JD units available can be found in the JD course handbook and Monash JD class times can be found at the Master of Laws (Juris Doctor) class timetable.

Some student may be eligible for FEE-HELP under the following provision: "Bridging courses for overseas-trained professionals". Information about FEE-HELP can be found at

In addition to the single unit application form, the following documents must be provided:

  • original or certified original copy of the VLAB assessment letter
  • original or certified original copy of your law degree transcripts and evidence of completion
  • certified original evidence of you citizenship status including a copy of your subclass visa number.