Forthcoming issue

The articles appearing in Volume 43(1) will be:

Paul Babie, ‘Climate Change is Eco-Slavery: A Climate Future of Australian Property Law’

Jamie Blaker, ‘Is Intentionalist Theory Indispensable to Statutory Interpretation?’

Holly Doel-Mackaway, ‘“I think It’s Okay … But It’s Racist, It’s Bad Racism” — Aboriginal Children and Young People’s Views about the Intervention’

Andrew Dyer, ‘(Grossly) Disproportionate Sentences: Can Charters of Rights Make a Difference?’

Eziedden Elmahjub and Nicolas Suzor, ‘Fair Use and Fairness in Copyright: A Distributive Justice Perspective on Users’ Rights’

Sharn Hobill and Jay Sanderson, ‘Not Free to Roam: Misleading Food Credence Claims, the ACCC and the Need for Corporate Social Responsibility’

Luke McNamara, Julia Quilter, Kate Seear and Robin Room, ‘Evidence of Intoxication in Australian Criminal Courts: A Complex Variable with Multiple Effects’

Samuel J Murray, 'The Public Interest, Representative Government and the "Legitimate Ends" of Restricting Political Speech'.