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27/11/16 Dr Kate SeearImage-conscious men turn to Perth’s needle exchanges to inject harmful body-building drugs Perth Now
21/11/16 Dr Maria O'SullivanFactCheck Q&A: how much was spent on the Cambodia refugee deal and how many were settled? The Conversation
18/11/16 Ms Sharon RodrickEnd of the road for sexist slogans on Wicked Campers The Age
16/11/16 Mr Richard Slade Three good reasons to worry about Trump having the nuclear codes The Conversation
04/11/16 Professor Bryan Horrigan

Directors ignore climate change risks at their own peril

Australian Financial Review
19/08/16 Dr Rebecca GiblinBooks: demonising the Productivity Commission distracts from what's needed now The Sydney Morning Herald
15/08/16 Professor Paula GerberAustralia’s delay in achieving marriage equality is coming at a real cost for our region The Conversation
09/08/16 Dr Caroline HenckelsCensus 2016: should you be concerned about privacy? RN Drive (ABC Radio National)
09/08/16 Professor Paula GerberSydney to host forum for Pacific LGBTI activists on fighting for equality The Guardian
21/07/16 The Castan Centre for Human RIghts LawWorking for significant social change The Conversation Hour (774 ABC Melbourne)
19/07/16 The Castan Centre for Human RIghts LawYoung, black and politicised Late Night Live (ABC Radio National)
19/07/16 The Castan Centre for Human RIghts Law#NeverTrump at the RNC, Black Lives Matter, and the road to the App Store Hack (Triple J)
19/07/16 The Castan Centre for Human RIghts LawBlack Lives Matter movement striking a chord with Indigenous Australians, says visiting US activist ABC News Breakfast
19/07/16 The Castan Centre for Human RIghts LawBlack Lives Matter movement striking a chord with Indigenous Australians, says visiting US activist ABC Radio Australia
14/07/16 Assoc. Professor Douglas Guilfoyle Who owns the South China Sea? Late Night Live (ABC Radio National)
07/07/16 Dr Stephen Gray Indigenous Australians unfairly jailed due to racism in legal system – research The Guardian
05/07/16 Professor Sarah Joseph British MPs consider punishing Tony Blair over Iraq War PM (ABC Radio Current Affairs)
27/06/16 Professor Justin Malbon Credit reporting giant Veda under fire for the way it obtains customer consent The Sydney Morning Herald
27/06/16 Professor Paula Gerber Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wrong on marriage plebiscite The Age
21/06/16 Dr Kate Seear Eddie McGuire and Caroline Wilson: The Outer Sanctum AFL podcasters who triggered a national furore The Age
21/06/16 Dr Kate Seear Eddie McGuire and Caroline Wilson: Bill Shorten snubs McGuire after ice pool remarks The Age
20/06/16 Dr Kate Seear Eddie McGuire suggests sports writer Caroline Wilson should be dunked under icy water and held there ABC News 24
20/06/16 Dr Kate Seear The podcast that brought Eddie McGuire's comments about Caroline Wilson to light SEN Afternoons with Andy Maher
20/06/16 Dr Kate Seear Eddie McGuire, Caroline Wilson and when ‘playful banter’ goes very, very wrong The Conversation
20/06/16 Professor Justin Malbon NAB using Veda to track disloyal business customers going to rival banks The Sydney Morning Herald
16/06/16 Professor Paula Gerber Orlando shooting is the latest chapter in the global fight for LGBT rights The Conversation
15/06/16 Dr Kate Seear ACT to overhaul needle distribution laws Gay News Network
15/06/16 Dr Stephen Gray Australia Can Have An Indigenous Treaty And Constitutional Recognition The Huffington Post Australia
03/06/16 Professor Sarah Joseph La Trobe Faces Ultimatum: Reinstate Roz Ward Or Face Court New Matilda
01/06/16 Professor Justin Malbon Business Briefing: what happens to your credit history The Conversation
01/06/16 Dr Renata Alexander No simple solution when families meet the law The Conversation
25/05/16 Assoc. Professor David Lindsay Turn off your phone or we'll do it for you: venues wrestle with legalities of blocking The Age
23/05/16 Dr Azadeh Dastyari Indefinite detention likened to 'psychological torture' RN Breakfast (ABC Radio National)
19/05/16 Ms Melissa Castan Indigenous reconciliation in Australia: still a bridge too far? The Conversation
06/05/16 Assoc. Professor Bronwyn Naylor Outrage over Australia's new mega jail Herald Sun
02/05/16 Assoc. Professor Bronwyn Naylor Domestic violence will flourish because of government funding cuts The Age
29/04/16 Assoc. Professor Bronwyn Naylor Half the men who kill partners have history of domestic violence The Sydney Morning Herald
28/04/16 Dr Maria O'Sullivan If not Manus, then what? Possible alternatives for asylum seekers and refugees in PNG The Conversation
31/03/16 Professor Sarah Joseph Tony Abbott’s open contempt for international human rights law The Conversation
29/03/16 Assoc. Professor Gideon Boas Iraq militants claim to put ISIS fighter's fate to vote on Instagram The Guardian
25/03/16 Assoc. Professor Gideon Boas Karadžić verdict does little for those suffering say Australian Srebrenica survivors SBS News
22/03/16 Dr Stephen Gray ‘Dollar Dave’ and the Reserve Bank: a tale of art, theft and human rights The Conversation
16/03/16 Assoc. Professor David Lindsay Adelaide to become Australia's first smart city but could lose out on privacy The Guardian
08/03/16 Assoc. Professor Gideon Boas Female reporter awarded $74m after stalking The New Daily
22/02/16 Professor Sarah Joseph Australia found to have breached the human rights of David Hicks The Conversation
09/02/16 Dr Stephen Gray Northern Territory intervention fails on key reforms: report SBS World News Radio
09/02/16 Professor The Hon.Nahum Mushin Child protection workers urged to consider adoption in forums across NSW

The Sydney Morning Herald

08/02/16 Dr Stephen Gray Research finds Federal Government's 'Stronger Futures' initiative fails to produce tangible progress RN Breakfast (ABC Radio National)
08/02/16 Dr Stephen Gray Northern Territory intervention 'fails on human rights' and closing the gap The Guardian
29/01/16 Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg Australian prison population grows 20 percent in the last decade The Sydney Morning Herald
12/01/16 Dr Eric Windholz                                                   Court of Arbitration of Sport suspension of Essendon Football Club players 3AW Drive with Tom Elliot
12/01/16 Dr Eric Windholz                                   Essendon verdict: Layman's guide to legal ramifications from CAS guilty finding Fox Sports     



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17/12/15 Dr Weiping He China flags 6.5% growth rate, but needs real financial reform to get there The Conversation
17/12/15 Dr Weiping He China's Economy and its Currency PM (ABC Radio Current Affairs)

Dr Ronli Sifris

State by state, 'safe access zones' around clinics are shielding women from abortion protesters The Conversation
19/11/15 Dr Gerry Nagtzaam Australia needs a nuclear storage site, but it's a long way away The Conversation
12/11/15 Ms Sangeetha Pillai Improved citizenship bill still invites criticism and High Court challenges The Conversation
12/11/15 Professor Sarah Joseph On the ground at Australia's universal periodic review The Conversation
10/11/15 Dr Eric Windholz In charging Essendon, Worksafe puts all sport on notice The Conversation
13/10/15 Dr Eric Windholz

Uber drives home defiance amid Australia crackdown

Al Jazeera
30/09/15 Dr Eric Windholz Could Uber be driven out once and for all? 2SER Sydney community radio
28/09/15 Dr Eric Windholz It's crunch time for Uber in Australia VICE

Dr Maria O'Sullivan

EU is too disjointed to have adequately manage huge numbers of people moving across European borders The World Today (ABC Radio Current Affairs)
10/09/15 Professor Matthew Groves Federal Circuit Court judge Alexander Street accused of bias after rejecting hundreds of migration cases ABC News
08/09/15 Ms Sangeetha Pillai Committee recommendations improve citizenship bill, but fundamental flaws remain The Conversation


Assoc. Professor Bronwyn Naylor Rehabilitation and prisoners' rights The Law Report (ABC Radio National)
09/07/15 Assoc. Professor Gideon Boas Accused Australian war criminal Dragan Vasiljkovic extradited to Croatia AM (ABC Radio Current Affairs)
01/07/15 Assoc. Professor Bronwyn Naylor

Victoria's Ombudsman prepares for more prisoner complaints

AM (ABC Radio Current Affairs)
01/07/15 Assoc. Professor Bronwyn Naylor Beyond Bars: Reflecting on the Rights of Victoria's Prisoners The Wheeler Centre
07/05/15 Assoc. Professor Adam McBeth Aussie police defend tip-off on Bali Nine Intellasia
05/05/15 Assoc. Professor Adam McBeth Bali Nine: if this case came up tomorrow possible same outcome would occur The World Today (ABC Radio Current Affairs)
29/04/15 Professor Sarah Joseph Bali pair urged life after death mX
29/04/15 Dr Kate Seear Incompetence rules Indonesian law: experts SBS News
23/04/15 Assoc. Professor Bronwyn Naylor The evidence is in: you can't link imprisonment to crime rates The Conversation
21/04/15 Dr Weiping He China's monetary easing to bolster growth, tackle shadow banking The Conversation
21/04/15 Professor Sarah Joseph SACS NFP Leadership Awards Pro Bono Australia
21/04/15 Dr Patrick Emerton Preventative Detention Oders explained: What rights does a person have? ABC News
03/03/15 Professor Christine Parker Animal welfare laws need more bite to stamp out live baiting The Conversation
28/02/15 Dr Ronli Sifris Bali duo fall victim to 'war on drugs' Green Left Weekly
25/02/15 Dr Rebecca Giblin Explainer: Australia's three strikes plan to curb illegal downloads SmartCompany
25/02/15 Assoc. Professor Paula Gerber Same sex marriage:captain's pick The Canberra Times
23/02/15 Dr Kate Seear Impending Bali Executions rely on mistaken ideas about drugs The Conversation
20/02/15 Adam Fletcher Hicks conviction overturned - is he owed an apology or assistance? The Conversation
05/02/15 Professor Graeme Hodge East West contract "obscene", says Andrews - but still won't release it The Sydney Morning Herald
29/01/15 Dr Ronli Sifris Bali Nine case: AFP retains ability to give information abroad that risks death penalty for Australians Brisbane Times
28/01/15 Dr Maria O'Sullivan Australia can detain asylum seekers on the high seas, the High Court decides The Conversation
28/01/15 Dr Ronli Sifris AFP will have blood on its hands if Bali pair Chan and Sukumaran are executed The Age
19/01/15 Professor Sarah Joseph Ticking down to a possible date with executioners The Conversation
09/01/15 Professor Sarah Joseph Charlie Hebdo: the pen must defy the sword, Islamic or not The Conversation
13/01/15 Professor Sarah Joseph                                            What are the limits to free speech in Australia? 7.30 (ABC TV)

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