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Staff Expertise


Set out below is a list of current research areas and associated staff within the Monash Law School.  This list is useful for prospective graduate research students who are thinking of embarking on a major research project as part of a doctoral or Master of Philosophy degree at Monash Law School. If you are considering applying, you must first develop a research proposal and submit it with your expression of interest.

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Administrative Law and Regulations

Janina Boughey, Colin Campbell, Lisa Burton Crawford, Julie Debeljak, Matthew Groves, David Lindsay, Maria O'Sullivan, Moira Paterson, Marilyn Pittard

Alcohol, Drugs and the Law

Kate Seear, Jamie Walvisch

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Becky Batagol, Paula Gerber, Genevieve Grant, Jeff Waincymer


Patrick Emerton, Lisa Burton Crawford, Sangeetha Pillai

Australian Environmental Law

Vanessa Johnston, Gerry Nagtzaam

Australian Industrial Relations Law

Marilyn Pittard



John Duns

Biotechnology and the Law

Karinne Ludlow

Broadcasting and Telecommunications

David Lindsay, Sharon Rodrick

Business Associations

John Duns

Business Innovation and Labour Law

Marilyn Pittard

Business Law

Bryan Horrigan

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Children's Rights

Paula Gerber

Chinese Law

Weiping He

Civil Liberties

Julie Debeljak

Civil Procedure

Tania Penovic


Sangeetha Pillai

Clinical Legal Education

Adrian Evans, Kate Seear

Commercial Law

Weiping He, Bryan Horrigan, Justin Malbon, John Duns, Jeff Waincymer, Emmanuel Laryea, Lisa Spagnolo

Communication Law

David Lindsay

Comparative Competition Law

John Duns

Comparative Law

Janina Boughey, Rowena Cantley-Smith, Lisa Burton Crawford, Mark Davison, Julie Debeljak, Weiping He, Caroline Henckels, Nadir Hosen, Bryan Horrigan, Vanessa Johnston, Normann Witzleb

Competition Law

Colin Campbell, Mark Davison, John Duns

Constitutional Law

Becky Batagol, Janina Boughey, Melissa Castan, Colin Campbell, Lisa Burton Crawford, Julie Debeljak, Patrick Emerton, Jeff Goldsworthy, Nadir Hosen, Sarah Joseph, Sangeetha Pillai

Construction Law

Paula Gerber

Consumer Law

Justin Malbon

Consumer Protection

Weiping He, Bronwyn Naylor, Justin Malbon

Contempt of Court

Sharon Rodrick

Contract Law

Rowena Cantley-Smith, Mark Davison, Rebecca Giblin, Emmanuel Laryea

Contracting Out Government Services

Colin Campbell, Graeme Hodge

Copyright Law

Colin Campbell, Mark Davison, Rebecca Giblin, David Lindsay, Ann Monotti, Moira Paterson

Corporate Crime

Jonathan Clough, Karen Wheelwright

Corporate Insolvency

John Duns, Weiping He, Lisa Spagnolo

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bryan Horrigan, Adam McBeth

Corporations Law

Weiping He, Bryan Horrigan, John Duns, Genevieve Grant, Karen Wheelwright, Eric Windholz, Normann Witzleb


Graeme Hodge, David Lindsay, Bronwyn Naylor, Moira Paterson

Criminal Law

Heli Askola, Jonathan Clough, Bronwyn Naylor, Joanna Kyriakakis, Jamie Walvisch

Criminal Law Theory

Jamie Walvisch

Criminal Procedure/Criminal Justice

Jonathan Clough


Bronwyn Naylor

Cyberlaw and Cyberculture

David Lindsay

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Genevieve Grant

Defacto Relationship

Adiva Sifris


Sharon Rodrick

Designs Law and Practice

Ann Monotti

Director's Duties

Karen Wheelwright, Eric Windholz

Discrimination Law

Colin Campbell, Julie Debeljak, Bronwyn Naylor, Marilyn Pittard


Paula Gerber, Karinne Ludlow

Drugs in Sport

Kate Seear

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E-Commerce/Electronic Law

Mark Davison, Emmanuel Laryea, David Lindsay, Ann Monotti, Moira Paterson

Economic, Soical and Cultural Rights

Colin Campbell, Julie Debeljak, Adam McBeth


Gerry Nagtzaam

Electronic Workplace Law

Marilyn Pittard

Electronic (or Paperless) Trade

Emmanuel Laryea

Energy Law and Policy

Rowena Cantley-Smith, Justin Malbon

Environmental Law and Policy

Vanessa Johnston, Gerry Nagtzaam, Katie O'Bryan

Environmental Taxation

Vanessa Johnston

Equity Remedies

Normann Witzleb


Susan Barkehall-Thomas, Patrick Emerton

EU Law (Justice and Home Affairs)

Heli Askola


Jonathan Clough, Karinne Ludlow

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Family Law

Renata Alexander, Becky Batagol, Ross Hyams, Adiva Sifris


Eric Windholz

Feminist Legal Theory

Heli Askola, Bronwyn Naylor, Janice Richardson, Kate Seear

Forensic Studies

Jonathan Clough, Jamie Walvisch

Freedom of Information

Moira Paterson, Adam McBeth, David Lindsay

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Gender Issues/Gender and the Law

Bronwyn Naylor, Janice Richardson, Kate Seear, Ronli Sifris

German Law

Normann Witzleb

Global Climate Change

Vanessa Johnston, Gerry Nagtzaam

Global Technology Regulation

Rebecca Giblin

Government Contracts

Colin Campbell

Government Liability, Immunity and Business Activity

Bryan Horrigan

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Harmonisation (Inter-governmental Relations)

Eric Windholz

Health Law

Genevieve Grant, Kate Seear

Human Rights Law

Melissa Castan, Azadeh Dastyari, Julie Debeljak, Patrick Emerton, Paula Gerber, Sarah Joseph, Bryan Horrigan, Adam McBeth, Maria O'Sullivan, Tania Penovic, Joanna Kyriakakis, Ronli Sifris

Human Rights (International and Domestic)

Sarah Joseph

Human Rights and Corporations

Sarah Joseph, Tania Penovic, Adam McBeth

Human Rights and Globalisation

Adam McBeth

Human Rights Education

Paula Gerber

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Immigration Law

Azadeh Dastyari, Sangeetha Pillai

Indigenous Legal Issues

Stephen Gray, Melissa Castan, Katie O'Bryan

Indonesian Law

Nadir Hosen

Information Technology

Rebecca Giblin, David Lindsay, Janice Richardson

Injury Compensation

Genevieve Grant, Kate Seear

Intellectual Property

Mark Davison, David Lindsay, Ann Monotti, Moira Paterson

Intellectual Property in Universities

Ann Monotti

International Banking and Finance

Emmanuel Laryea

International Commercial Law

Emmanuel Laryea, Lisa Spagnolo, Justin Malbon, Jeff Waincymer

International Criminal Law

Gideon Boas, Douglas Guilfoyle, Adam McBeth, Joanna Kyriakakis

International Economic Law

Caroline Henckels

International Economic Law and African Development

Emmanuel Laryea

International Energy Law

Rowena Cantley-Smith

International Environmental Law

Rowena Cantley-Smith, Vanessa Johnston, Eric Wilson, Gerry Nagtzaam

International Human Rights Law

Heli Askola, Melissa Castan, Julie Debeljak, Douglas Guilfoyle, Paula Gerber, Maria O'Sullivan, Tania Penovic, Adam McBeth

International Humanitarian Law

Gideon Boas, Julie Debeljak, Sarah Joseph

International Investment Law

Caroline Henckels, Emmanuel Laryea

International Labour Law

Marilyn Pittard

International Law

Rowena Cantley-Smith, Melissa Castan, Douglas Guilfoyle, Richard Joyce, Eric Wilson, Bryan Horrigan, Ronli Sifris

International Management of Natural Resources

Eric Wilson, Gerry Nagtzaam

International Maritime Law

Eric Wilson

International Organizations

Richard Joyce, Adam McBeth, Gerry Nagtzaam

International Sale of Goods Law

Emmanuel Laryea

International Trade

Justin Malbon, Adam McBeth, Jeff Waincymer

International Trade Law

Adam McBeth, Jeff Waincymer, Justin Malbon

Internet/Cyber Law

Jonathan Clough, Mark Davison, David Lindsay, Ann Monotti, Moira Paterson

International Justice

Patrick Emerton

Islamic Law or Shari'a Law

Nadir Hosen

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Julie Debeljak


Jonathan Clough, Jamie Walvisch


Labour and Employment Law

Marilyn Pittard

Land Title

Melissa Castan

Law and Economics

Jeff Waincymer, Susan Barkehall-Thomas, David Lindsay, Rowena Cantley-Smith, Patrick Emerton

Law and Outer Space

Eric Wilson, Gerry Nagtzaam

Law and Religion

Nadir Hosen

Law and Society

Nadir Hosen

Law of Climate Change

Rowena Cantley-Smith, Vanessa Johnston, Gerry Nagtzaam

Law of the European Union

Rowena Cantley-Smith, Eric Wilson, Normann Witzleb

Law of the Sea

Douglas Guilfoyle, Eric Wilson

Legal and Moral Philosophy

Patrick Emerton, Jeff Goldsworthy, Janice Richardson, Jamie Walvisch, Eric Wilson

Legal Education / Practical Legal Training

Adrian Evans, Gaye Landsdell, Kate Seear, Normann Witzleb

Legal Ethics

Adrian Evans, Becky Batagol

Legal History

Melissa Castan, Jeff Goldsworthy

Legal Theory

Lisa Burton Crawford, Bryan Horrigan, Patrick Emerton, Richard Joyce, Janice Richardson, Jamie Walvisch

Licensing and Technology Transfer

Ann Monotti

Local Government

Colin Campbell, Graeme Hodge

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Media Law

David Lindsay, Bronwyn Naylor, Janice Richardson, Sharon Rodrick, Normann Witzleb


Paula Gerber

Medical Law

Karinne Ludlow

Mental Health and Criminal Justice

Jamie Walvisch

Migration Law

Heli Askola

Military Law

Matthew Groves


Jeff Waincymer, Lisa Spagnolo, Eric Wilson


Nanotechnology and the Law

Karinne Ludlow

Non-Adversarial Justice

Ross Hyams, Becky Batagol


Occupational Health and Safety

Genevieve Grant, Karen Wheelwright, Eric Windholz

Outsourcing Government Services

Colin Campbell, Graeme Hodge

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Patents for Inventions

Ann Monotti, Moira Paterson

Prison Administration

Matthew Groves


Bronwyn Naylor

Privacy Law

David Lindsay, Janice Richardson, Normann Witzleb

Privacy, Freedom of Speech

David Lindsay

Property Law

Susan Barkehall-Thomas, Vanessa Johnston, Ann Monotti, Sharon Rodrick, Adiva Sifris

Psychiatry and Law

Jamie Walvisch

Psychology and Law

Bronwyn Naylor

Public Sector Employment Law

Marilyn Pittard

Punishment /Sentencing

Jonathan Clough, Jamie Walvisch

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Refugee Law

Colin Campbell, Azadeh Datyari, Maria O'Sullivan, Tania Penovic, Sangeetha Pillai

Regulatory Law / Regulatory Theory

Colin Campbell, Weiping He, David Lindsay, Eric Windholz


Normann Witzleb


Susan Barkehall-Thomas, Lisa Spagnolo

Rights of Indigenous People

Julie Debeljak, Richard Joyce, Tania Penovic, Justin Malbon, Katie O'Bryan



Jonathan Clough, Jamie Walvisch

Shari'a Law or Islamic Law

Nadir Hosen

Socio-Legal Research and Method

Becky Batagol, Genevieve Grant, Kate Seear

Statutory Interpretation

Becky Batagol, Jeff Goldsworthy, Justin Malbon

Superannuation Law

Stephen Barkoczy


Paula Gerber

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Taxation Law

Stephen Barkoczy, Jeff Waincymer, Kathryn James


Colin Campbell, Genevieve Grant, Joanna Kyriakakis, Karinne Ludlow, Tania Penovic, Janice Richardson, Adiva Sifris, Lisa Spagnolo, Normann Witzleb

Torts and Injury Compensation

Genevieve Grant

Trade Marks

Mark Davison, Daivd Lindsay, Moira Paterson

Trade Practices

Mark Davison

Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

David Lindsay, Ann Monotti

Trafficking in Human Beings

Heli Askola

Transitional Justice

Ronli Sifris


Adam McBeth

Trusts and Trustees

Susan Barkehall-Thomas, Patrick Emerton, Justin Malbon



Colin Campbell, David Lindsay, Bronwyn Naylor, Justin Malbon


Venture Capital Law

Stephen Barkoczy


Wills and Administration of Estate

Matthew Groves

Women's Rights

Julie Debeljak, Kate Seear

Work Relationships

Marilyn Pittard, Karen Wheelwright

World Trade Organisation

Caroline Henckels

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