Through darkest Pondelayo

76. Lindsay, Joan, 1896-1984.

Through darkest Pondelayo : an account of the adventures of two English ladies on a cannibal island by Serena Livingstone-Stanley [i.e. Joan Lindsay]. (London : Chatto & Windus, 1936)

This book was a spoof on travel writing, set on a fictitious tropical island. The jacket is designed to be part of the parody. It shows the two women, one with a fan, the other with an umbrella, resting on a crocodile, with quotes from supposed reviews printed as a promotional cover-blurb.

The lettering on the spine reads in part, "Totally unexpurgated and utterly unrevised. Not even a map. In fact a gift at 6s net."

A previous owner has "strengthened" the dust wrapper internally with Sellotape, which now shows through as yellow staining.

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