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  • Australian libraries

  • Berwick Library

    Berwick Library, at the heart of the University's newest campus, is an important part of its engaging learning and research community and combines library services and information technology services in one site.

  • Caulfield Library

    Caulfield Library is popular with students for its convenient location and long opening hours. Its focus is on business; art, design and architecture; arts; information technology and the health sciences.

  • Hargrave Library

    Hargrave-Andrew Library, refurbished as a flagship academic library in 2006, is a Clayton campus landmark. Its focus is on science, engineering, medicine and information technology.

  • Law Library

    Law Library, one of three libraries at Clayton campus, is very much integrated into the Faculty of Law, with resources and activities dedicated to the study of and research in law at Monash.

  • Matheson Library

    Sir Louis Matheson Library, located at Clayton campus, is home to many of our special collections and exhibitions. It is one of the foremost humanities libraries in Australia.

  • Peninsula Library

    Peninsula Library has collection strengths in health and education and is strongly engaged with the campus community. We are developing a new collection focusing on sport and outdoor recreation.

  • Pharmacy Library

    CL Butchers Pharmacy Library, expanded and refurbished as part of the $50 million campus redevelopment, is among the world-class and innovative facilities in Parkville.

  • Library nodes

    Small library areas allowing borrowing of items and access to professional advice for particular student groups:

  • Overseas libraries