Matheson Library Refurbisment FAQs

The Sir Louis Matheson Library, which was named after Monash University's first Vice Chancellor, was opened in 1964, just after the establishment of the University. It has been added to a number of times and is now 12,480 square metres. It is the central humanities library for the University, housing over 1.5 million items, including a number of special collections, and providing seating for 1,200 people. It also houses many of Monash University Library's management and administration functions.

This refurbishment provides the opportunity to create a contemporary, engaging, inspiring and functionally effective library that reflects the status of the Matheson Library as one of Australia's foremost humanities libraries. The refurbishment will:

  • enhance the precinct and advance the Clayton Campus Masterplan objectives;
  • create a welcoming and inspiring entrance;
  • improve the navigation throughout the building;
  • create state-of-the art teaching spaces;
  • provide a range of individual and collaborative study areas, with an overall increase of seating of 25%, to 1,500;
  • integrate advanced technology into study and teaching areas;
  • showcase the Library's special collections;
  • add depth to the experience of using the Library through the incorporation of a substantial amount of artwork from the University's collection, with the theme of "Narrative";
  • contribute to community engagement; and
  • provide an in-house café.

Consultant team:

  • Architect – Cox Architecture
  • Quantity Surveyor – Slattery Australia
  • Engineering Building Services – AECOM Australia
  • Structural & Civil Engineers – AECOM Australia
  • Façade Engineer – AECOM Australia
  • Building Surveyor – PLP Building Surveyors
  • ESD (Sustainability) – IrwinConsult
  • Acoustic Engineer – AECOM Australia
  • Accessibility Consultant – Architecture and Access
  • AV Consultant – CHW