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Library services for teaching staff


The Library is your partner in education, contributing a range of services, resources and programs to strengthen teaching and learning.

Reading lists and digitisation

The Library creates online reading lists that provide students with copyright compliant access to unit material. Purchase and digitisation of materials and special access conditions for popular items are arranged.

We remove access to digitised book chapters and article at the end of each teaching year, to comply with copyright legislation and license requirements. Academic staff are notified in advance of the date, as links to digitised items will then break.

Contact information is available on the Readings and Reserve page.

Recording lectures for access via the web

Our system has changed this year and you don't need to request  recordings for your unit as the scheduling is automated through Timetabling. You can then link them to your unit page/s in Moodle. For more information see Learning Capture Intranet page.

Information research and learning skills

Contact your librarian and learning skills adviser to develop a program that will meet the information research and learning skills needs of students through the curriculum. Research and learning staff can guide you in the application of the Research Development Framework and support your teaching in this field.

Staff may refer a student for an individual appointment with a learning skills adviser when a student is in need of intensive support. You may find the Assignment action sheet (docx, 79kb) a useful tool to give students more detailed feedback on their assignments and the actions they need to take to improve their academic performance.

Discovering resources

The Library has extensive print and online resources discoverable through Search.  A variety of self help resources are available to you through Library guides.

Copyright advice

The Monash University Copyright Adviser, located within the Library, can provide practical advice on managing copyright compliance within learning and teaching activities.

Suggest a purchase

You are encouraged you to recommend material to add to the Library's  collection. Discuss this with your librarian or fill in the suggestion form.

Building collections for new or changing courses

New or changed academic initiatives must include a completed Library  Impact Statement. Discuss this with your contact librarian or learning  skills adviser.

Borrowing physical material

Staff and students may borrow material from all Monash University libraries and can pick up items from the campus of choice.

You can borrow from other university or TAFE libraries in Victoria with a CAVAL card. You can borrow from academic libraries outside Victoria through the University Libraries of Australian and New Zealand reciprocal borrowing scheme. More information

Staff, postgraduate and honours students may request material not available at Monash University Library through Document Delivery.