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Being precise and accurate

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Read the following sentence from a student's essay.

Many of the ethnic representations in the media are ideologically biased distortions which suit the interests of their predominantly white owners and sponsers (Jakubowicz, et al., 1994:4).

As presented in this student's writing, what does the term "ethnic" mean?

Tick the box below of what you think "ethnic" means in this context.

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The term "ethnic" is used here too narrowly (but it is common usage). As a strictly used term in the social sciences, "ethnic" refers to all culturally distinct groups, including white, or Anglo-Celtic.

NOTE: Being precise also means avoiding definitive statements.

For example, read the following sentence from a student's essay:

The media does not promote the consumption of alcohol by women.

This statement is too definite and absolute. Can we say that the media never promote the consumption of alcohol?

This should be rewritten as:

The media tend not to promote the consumption of alcohol by women.

The rewritten sentence more accurately reflects the behaviour of the media.

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