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Lecturer's expectations

Shirley Richardson, Lecturer

In this section, one of your lecturers - Shirley Richardson - sets out what she expects from student assignments on this topic.

How I would expect students to go about researching and writing an answer to this particular task

No research is necessary except the reading of the prescribed text as indicated on the assignment sheet.

How should students interpret the topic?

It is expected that the students will interpret the topic by making use of all the skills and content which are demonstrated in the weekly lecture presentation, practised in the student activity segment of the lecture, and reinforced in the weekly tutorial.

What reading would you expect them to do?

The reading is indicated on the assignment sheet; usually a single chapter, occasionally several, depending on the question asked. The reading for Economics is very reasonable when measured against some other subject areas - Management for instance.

With the usual topics that are in the newspapers or on the current affairs students are encouraged to listen to what others say about things - GST being one of them.

How long would you expect students to spend on the question overall?

As long as it takes to draw the particular diagrams, go through the steps which are indicated in the subject book and demonstrated in class.

Economists are in the business of prediction, so students need to commence as early as possible.

What would a good response on this topic need to contain?

The student needs to address all parts of the question.

The student will have to make use of the relevant and labelled diagram with a discussion that indicates the student understood the basic concepts underlying the construction of the diagram.

The student needs to have used the theory underlying the diagram to make some conclusions or observations that may or may not be similar to others speaking on the topic elsewhere.

How in general terms would a High Distinction response differ from one at a Pass/Credit level?

High Distinction - would have included all as indicated above; whereas the Pass and Credit would have omitted more than one of the above.

A Pass or Credit is usually one where the student may have drawn the diagram perfectly but does not understand what they have drawn and therefore cannot discuss the diagram fully or use the diagram to make a prediction.

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