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Creating recommendations

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Compare the following two sets of recommendation headings. What are their possible strengths and weaknesses?

Set A Set B
4.1 Motivation - Provide attainable goals, recognise the WPC clerks if they reach these goals, and reward them. 4.1 Motivation - Increase motivation amongst the WPC employees.
4.2 Communication - Organise weekly meetings as well as retrain Mrs. Blakely to ensure that the communication flow is constant. 4.2 Communication - Increase communication in the law firm.
4.3 Leadership - Retrain Mrs. Blakely. 4.3 Leadership - Create effective leadership of the WPC.



The Set A recommendations are more informative than Set B. However, with the exception of 4.3, they are too wordy to be effective subheadings. Set B, on the other hand, is too vaguely worded to be useful to a manager looking for specific solutions. The ideal approach would be to combine the best features of both, i.e. combine information with conciseness.

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