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Reference list

At the end of your report you will have a list of the references you CITED in the course of your report. When you are proof-reading, you should be able to cross-reference each text on the list with a mention - or citation - in your report.

Click on the highlighted text to see the comments.

What should the reference list look like?

There are quite specific conventions according to the referencing style generally used in your discipline - which your tutor will expect you to familiarise yourself with. These conventions are quite tricky to remember at first, but if you keep by you a model such as the one below - where the student has been very consistent - it becomes easier. Look at the sample entries below and notice their differences and similarities.

Use the dropdown list to indicate the type of source that each reference comes from:

  • book
  • newspaper article
  • organisational web site
  • database item
Reference Your answer
Assael, H., Reed, P. and Patton, M. (1995) Marketing: Principles and Strategy Harcourt-Brace, Sydney.
Foster's News Release (2000) World-first a winner at Carlton and United Breweries, acle.asp, accessed 15/08/2004
Gentle, N. (2000), "Light Beer To Cost More Under Bill To Scrap Subsidy", Canberra Times, 25 May 2000, p.1-2.
IBIS World (2000), G5123 Liquor Retailing, nition.asp?industry_id=39, accessed 17/08/04.
Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., Brown, L., Chandler, S. A. (1998), Marketing, (4th edn), Prentice Hall, Sydney.
Lamb, W., Hair, J., McDaniel, C. (1998), Marketing, (4th edn), South-Western College Publishing, Cincinatti.
Lloyd, S. (1999), "Liquor Companies Find A Pre-Mixed Blessing", Business Review Weekly, 20 August, p.1-2.
Oey, P. (1998), "Asia on the Fast Track", Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 22 May, p.2.
Port, J. (1999), "Creative License", Business Review Weekly, 26 October, p.1-2.
Simpson, W. (2000), "Sweet Surrender", Sydney Morning Herald, 2 February, p.16.

How could the student reference list below be improved?

Comparing it with the sample list above, see if you can find at least three mistakes.

Bibliography 1

  1. Kotler, P., (1998), Marketing, (4th ed.), Prentice Hall, Australia
  2. Kotler, P., (1998), Marketing Management - analysis planning implementation and control, (9th ed.), Prentice Hall, Australia
  3. ABIX - Australian Business Intelligence: Retail World
  4. Australian Financial Review, 28/8/00
  5. Sunday Star Times, 13/8/00
  6. Red Bull GmbH,
  7. Frucor Ltd,
  8. IBIS Reports,
  9. Dow Jones International,

Check your answer

See if you can find at least three mistakes with this reference list as well.

Bibliography 2

Assail H., Reed P., and Patton M, "Marketing: principles and strategy", Harcourt Brace, Australia, 1995.

Jain S. "Marketing Planning and Strategy", (4th ed), South Western Publishing Co, USA 1993.

Keegan W., Moriarty S., and Duncan, T, "Marketing", Prentice Hall, USA, 1992.

Keegan W., Moriarty S., and Duncan, T, "Marketing", (2nd ed), Prentice Hall, USA, 1995.

Kotler, P, "Marketing Management" (8th ed), Prentice Hall, Australia, 1994.

Kotler, Armstrong, Brown, Adam, Chandler, "Marketing", Prentice Hall, Australia, 1998

Zikmund W. and D'amico M. "Marketing", (3rd ed), John Wiley and Sons, USA 1989

Web Sites

Check your answer

The problems are as follows:

  • Entries are numbered (unnecessarily)
  • Periodical titles should also be italicised (not just books)
  • Place of publication for all books is not given (it's usually possible to be quite specific as to the city where the book was published)
  • Web sites do not have names and date accessed
  • For the two databases, there is not enough information about the precise source

The problems are as follows:

  • Titles are bold and in quotation marks, not italicised as they should be
  • Date should be after the names of authors, not at end
  • Place of publication for all books is not given (it's usually possible to be quite specific as to the city where the book was published)
  • Third and fourth references: no need to include two editions of the same book.
  • Second last book: authors' initials are not given
  • There should be no division for web sites: they are included alphabetically in list as for books, articles, etc.
  • Web sites do not have names and date accessed
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