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Topic annotation

Click on the highlighted text to see suggested steps for annotating an assignment topic.

Topic sentences are in bold and key words are in italics.

Assignment 1

Assignment instructions

Prewriting tip: list the characteristics of your audience - education, language, familiarity with computers, needs.

Henry Foote and Co. Pty., Ltd. management system upgrade

Your role

Company details

You are a system support liaison officer for shoe manufacturers Henry Foote and Co. Pty. Ltd. (HFT). HFT is an international company with three factories: one in Australia, the US and China. One of your main jobs is to translate complex information about the company's computer systems to users. The users are not technical and have only limited experience using computers. Some have no experience whatsoever.

You - User relationship

User details

Your boss, Henry Foote, has often complimented you on your ability to explain the system to users in a friendly, clear and helpful manner. All users have attained year 10 or equivalent of high school education, but no more. Whatever they know about computers, they learnt on the job.

Current system


The company currently uses a computer management system called RUN250. It keeps an inventory of machine parts and materials used by workers and technicians on the factory floor. It also automatically ensures that flagging supplies are constantly replenished in each factory without delay. However, the system often crashes.

New system

New features

In response to demands for faster processing speed, added functional capabilities and greater reliability, managing director Henry Foote wants to install a new release of the RUN250 in all his factories. The upgrade includes new reports, screens and fields.

Your task

Installation timeframe

Mr Foote has asked you to write a memo to all users of RUN250 about the changes they can expect with the upgraded system. He tells you that the new system will be installed and fully operable worldwide in three weeks' time.

Your assignment

List all the questions the RUN250 users will ask about the upgrade to the system. (10 marks)

Write down any other information you think they might need but not ask. (5 marks)

Write the memo that Mr Foote has requested. (20 marks)

Read the first sentence of each paragraph

This is usually the topic sentence (written in bold), which identifies the type of information you can expect to find in the paragraph. Think about the relevance of this information to your assignment. In this assignment, the prewriting tips are a useful reminder of what is relevant and siginificant.

Label the type of information provided in the topic sentences for easy reference later

(See the bold labels.)

Read each paragraph carefully and label other key information

(See the labels in italics.)

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