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Using sources in IT

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As outlined in the assignment description, one of the main purposes of the first assignment for Computer Systems is to gather and interpret current facts and well-informed opinion on an area of computer technology. You are expected to summarise this information in your own words and to acknowledge the sources of the ideas and words you use - that is, to provide a reference to these sources.

Learning to use sources appropriately is a skill which you will be required to develop during your studies at university. An assignment with few or no references to sources, or citations, will be regarded by your lecturers as indicating insufficient reading for the assignment or that the content of the assignment includes plagiarised material.


The publications used in preparing for and referred to in your assignment. These publications may be in print, electronic, or any other medium - for example journals, books, and websites.


An in-text reference to the source of words, ideas, or information referred to in your assignment.

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